Frozen Birthday Party Ideas


Snowflake bottles

I recycle these bottles over and over. They are from the cold coffee drinks. I love adding these bottles to any kids theme party. Adding colored drinks to the bottles keeps it within the theme of the party. The snow flakes on the bottles are from foam paper and cut with a snow flake cookie cutter. Then I just hot glued another snowflake piece to add depth.

String Cheese Snowmen

Purchased a small spool of ribbon to make the scarfs and used a sharpie pen to bring the snowmen to life.

Labeling Water Bottles

I love to add just simple cute things to add to the volume of the party. It all takes time of course. The labels can be purchased online for a few dollars. I always add to the detail so I purchased a pack of sticky jewels to add to the snow flake detail. At Shindigz, you can purchase frozen theme-related bottle labels such as the create-a castle water bottle label.

Cake Push Pops

I use these over and over! Once you have them, then you have them forever. I made my box stand from a foam piece and scrap book paper hot glued clear shiny grass to hide the the top. I add the stickers to keep in the theme of the party.

Candy Bar

Candy bars are so popular right now. When I think of a party, I think of any colored candy that will go with the color theme of the party. Simple items just to create color. For Frozen I used mini marshmallows, colored m&ms, and colored skittles.

Birthday Banner

Great item to add to any party theme! The dreamy princess banner is a great value at Shindigz as well as the winter snowflakes to add to the Frozen theme.

Olaf, Anna, Elsa and Kristoff!

Everyone loves Olaf! The standees of Anna, Elsa and Kristoff are great items to add to this theme party as well. They take up lots of space and great to pose with for pictures. Shindigz has all the great characters from Frozen.


Vinyl curtain 3×8 color is iridescent with a shimmer to look like snow. I ordered three from Shindigz for the back drop.

The Cake

My own creation. I looked at many cakes and found nothing that caught my eye, so I decided to make my own. I started making my own for my girls a few years back because I wanted a certain look for my parties and most bakeries don’t want to think outside of the box. So keeping with the Frozen theme, I wanted to add stairs to the cake to add the story line and this is what I came up with. I ordered the rock candy which is what you see around the cake a few weeks before not knowing what I had in mind, but it all came together. I was pleased with the turn out!


Although you can see them in my pictures, the Frozen balloons are a great add to any party. I use them at every party. They are great to see floating in around the guests and they are "great room fillers." They are one of the cheapest items you can buy and makes a party come to life!


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