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Friendsgiving Party Ideas

I have been wanting to throw a friendsgiving celebration for a few years now but have never been able to get around to it. I decided early this year to finally do it, but I wanted to throw a friendsgiving with a color twist. I decided on a color palate of navy blue, deep green and purples with accents of yellow, blush and peaches. I wanted to show that you don't need orange and brown to feel like fall.

One key factor for a perfect friendsgiving is to make it an easy get together for myself and my other mom friends. I know how hard it can be to get away from the kids in the evening and on weekends, so I made it a friendsgiving lunch. We were all able to get together while the kids were at school, enjoy a good meal, have some laughs and go on our way.

The décor was so beautiful with its deep lush tones. I didn’t want to spend all morning cooking, so I tried to make it as easy as possible. Most of the foods were ready made from the grocery store, but just presented in a way to make it feel like it was all homemade. We snacked on an amazing spread of cheese, crackers, dried nuts and fruits to start. Aside from roasting some carrots, potatoes and baking some pears, everything else was already hot from the store. I plated up a rotisserie chicken and surrounded it with colorful carrots and potatoes baked with fresh rosemary. Mini baguette slices complimented a warm clam chowder soup as a side and fresh sourdough bread with apple cinnamon butter was a great starter.

I used fruits throughout my display to bring in lots of deep bold colors. The table centerpiece featured a bed of magnolia leaves plucked straight from the tree in my yard that morning. Sprinkled among the leaves were twig candle holders, fresh fruit cut up to show off their color and assorted ceramic pumpkins. We drank raspberry lemonade and sipped on plum wine. I layered the plates on top of wood chargers and finished them off with navy napkins with Be Thankful napkin rings. I handwrote the names of my guests on magnolia leaves to complete each place setting.

Friendsgiving Cheese Spread
Friendsgiving Fruit Display
Friendsgiving Rotisserie Chicken

The buffet behind the table was the main focal point - all decorated around this deep blue wooden sign that encouraged us to gather. I used the shelves to incorporate lots of décor, colors and different aspects including some desserts. I picked up a pumpkin crisp from the store bakery and warmed it at home. Then served up individual servings in little parfait jars topped with whipped cream. Sweet wine and lemon tarts adorned with more fresh fruit finished off the bountiful display.

It was a beautiful and sweet lunch with a handful of my friends that I will always remember as my first friendsgiving. I just might have started an annual tradition!