Parade Float Tips to Help You Create a Winning Parade Float This Year!

Try these float building tips and products to build memorable floats out of your car, truck, or trailer. Spiritline’s parade float tips and products bring floats to life. Our float kits make decorating a snap while our other float materials such as tissue pomps, floral sheeting, and festooning are must-haves for creating your own winning designs.

  • Float Building Basics

    We know how challenging building a float can be, we also know how fun it can be! With the right supplies, the right group of people and the right attitude, you can create an award-winning float and have a great time in the process. Check out our basic tips below.

    The Float Basics
    1) Gather a fun group of float builders
    2) Brainstorm to select your theme and your slogan
    3) Collect the materials you will need to construct the float - don't forget the hay wagon
    4) Create your float structure
    5) Add decorations and finishing touches
    6) Attach the appropriate safety signs and slow-moving vehicle warnings to your float
    7) Sit back and enjoy the parade

    Basic Materials for Your Float include...
    Floral Sheeting: Waterproof, flameproof and reusable. Use it to cover the sides and the top of your float as well as objects on the float.
    Fringe: Helps conceal the float wheels and gives the float the illusion that it is truly "floating". You just want the fringe to "brush" the ground, so you may have to trim it to achieve the "floating" effect.
    Festooning: Vinyl material that adds spunk to floats! Use it on edges and corners to add the final touch to your float.
    Chicken Wire: You can buy this at any farm or building supply store. Be sure to buy chicken wire with 1" openings. You will need to stretch the chicken wire across a wooden frame that you have designed and constructed. Secure the chicken wire to the framework by either stapling or nailing it.
    Pomps Squares: These are very economical and easy to work with. Stuff them into the openings of chicken wire and glue them securely. One package of tissue or metallic pomps will cover two square feet of chicken wire with 1" openings (if you fill every opening).
    Grass Mats: Use to cover the top of the trailer bed. We offer "real" grass mats, scatter grass and tissue grass mats.

    A Few Tips to Consider:
    Keep the weather in mind when building your float.
    Make sure the objects on your float are secure.
    If people will be riding on your float, be sure that they have something stable to hold on to.
    Know the route that your float will be taking. Keep in mind overpasses, hills, curves, etc. that may affect your float.

    Float Theme Ideas

    If you're stuck on ideas for your school float, and don't want to do the obvious (your school mascot), check out our list of float theme suggestions below. You might find something that's just right for your float!
    • It's a Small World (International)
    • 50's / Grease
    • 60's
    • Africa
    • Anniversary
    • Asian Allure
    • Baseball
    • Board games
    • Boxing
    • Broadway
    • Carnival
    • Cartoons
    • Casino
    • Chess
    • Christmas
    • Church
    • Cities
    • Countries
    • Devil
    • Disco
    • Dreams
    • Education
    • Elvis
    • Fairytales
    • Fantasy
    • Fiesta
    • Future
    • Gone with the Wind
    • Halloween
    • Harry Potter
    • Hawaiian
    • Heaven
    • Hollywood
    • Homecoming
    • Jungle
    • Islands
    • Jamaica
    • Jaws
    • Jungle
    • Las Vegas
    • Lightning
    • Luau
    • Magic
    • Mardi Gras
    • Medieval Times
    • Memorial Day
    • Mission: Impossible
    • Movies
    • Music
    • Mythology
    • Nautical
    • New York
    • North America
    • Olympics
    • Patriotic
    • Pirates
    • Ocean
    • Tropical
    • Retro
    • Rock-n-Roll
    • Safari
    • Songs
    • South America
    • South Pacific
    • Space
    • Stars
    • States
    • Sun
    • Super Heroes
    • Superstitions
    • Surfing
    • Survivor
    • Time
    • Toys
    • Treasure
    • Tropical
    • TV Shows
    • Under the Sea
    • Valentine's Day
    • Western
    • Winter
    • Wizard of Oz
    • Year of the Dragon

    Parade Planning Tips

    If you're stuck on ideas for your school float, and don't want to do the obvious (your school mascot), check out our list of float theme suggestions below. You might find something that's just right for your float!

    General Float Themes Ideas:
    Homecoming season is here, and with it comes parade season! Get ready for your Homecoming parade with the planning steps below. Make sure you form a parade committee as soon as school begins. The committee will be in charge of all the aspects of your Homecoming parade.

    Parade Theme & Participants
    Decide on an overall theme for the parade. Coordinate this with the Homecoming Dance committee. Be sure that your theme is something you feel comfortable working with. And be sure that there are enough ideas for all the floats participating in the parade.

    Plan the class floats. Have each class form their own parade committee. Allow the senior class to choose their float idea first, then the junior class, then the sophomores, and then the freshmen. Make sure the different floats complement the overall theme of the parade.

    Check with your school's alumni organization. Do they want to enter a float in the parade? If so, be sure to give them all the theme details, as well as the float ideas. If they do not want to take part in the parade, then ask for their help with the overall organization of the parade. They may also be able to assist you with community contributions.

    Check with the school marching band, dance team and cheerleading squad. What will their role be in the parade? Are there other clubs and organizations in the school that will want to be involved?

    Go out into the community and see if you can find parade sponsors. You will need to use some type of vehicles for the different floats. Is there a local car dealership that would be willing to lend you cars for the parade? Ask about borrowing convertibles for float members to ride in. Provide advertising opportunities for community sponsors in your Homecoming brochure. Allow them to advertise their dealership on the sides of the cars they loan.

    Parade Floats
    Check out our Float Decorating Kits for ideas. Look through books and magazines for additional ideas.

    Order your float decorations as soon as you determine your float. Be sure to have enough fringe, floral sheeting, paint, and banners. You do not want to run out right before the big day!

    Determine the timeline of the parade. For example, how long will the parade take from start to finish? How slow will the vehicles travel? How far apart will you place the floats?

    Determine the order of the parade floats, bands, and other clubs that will participate in the parade. Be sure to have the senior class float as the last float in the parade.

    Establish a "rain day" plan. What will you do in the case of inclement weather? Will you reschedule the parade for another day? Plan to hold the parade anyway? Be sure to have a detailed plan in place, and advise all participants of the plan well in advance of the parade date. Set up a phone number for participants to call for information or questions on the morning of the parade.

    Parade Advertising & Security
    Spread the word and generate excitement about the parade. Advertise it in community newspapers, church bulletins, club memos, and any other place you think will reach a large number of people.

    Put up Banners around town to spread the word about the parade. Be sure to check with local merchants before you hang signs on their store windows. Some suggestions include grocery stores, banks, car washes, and other establishments owned by school alumni.

    Set up a subcommittee to work with your local police department. You will need to involve them to determine the route of the parade and general security issues. They will have to rope off the area you will be using.

    On the eve of the parade, put out signs on the parade route. Be sure to clear this with the police and other agencies you are working with. Use paint, chalk, banners, and letters to generate big excitement!

    Mascot Float

    Here is an estimate of the materials you will need to build your Mascot parade float:
    1. 8' x 16' trailer or a flat bed truck
    2. Wooden frame - create your mascot shape with #2 1x3 pine - extending from the top of the bed to 15" from the ground
    3. Floral Sheeting - approx. 16 yards for the sides and 15 yards for the floor - stapled to the bed and sides
    4. Metallic Fringe - approx. 50' - stapled to the bottom of the frame where the Floral Sheeting stops
    5. Metallic Festooning - approx. 144' - outlines the sides of the float
    6. Styrofoam Letters/Numbers - you can paint them with inexpensive interior latex paint or leave them white
    7. Chicken Wire - approx. 130' with 1" openings - cover the wooden frame with chicken wire
    8. POMPS Tissue Squares - approx. 75 packages - stuffed into each opening in the chicken wire
    9. POMPS Paste - approx. 4 cans - to keep the POMPS from blowing away in the wind
    Be sure to check out our Mascots and Float Decorating Kits to maximize the effect of your float!

    The materials listed are based on a two-sided design.

    Float Slogan Ideas

    Once you have decided on your float theme, you will want to create an awesome slogan for it! Use Styrofoam Letters and Numbers to add your slogan to the float. Below are some ideas to help you get started (Remember to use your opponent's mascot name):

    Patriotic Float Slogan Ideas
    Red, White, and Blue Forever!
    Panthers Are Proud to be Americans
    Hooray for the USA!
    God Bless America
    Stand Proud America!
    Stars & Stripes Forever
    Our Flag Waves High!
    United by Spirit
    We Will Endure!

    Hollywood Float Slogan Ideas
    Now Showing: A Hornet Victory
    Give the Cardinals a Blockbuster Beating!
    Two Thumbs Up for Freemont High
    The Premiere of a Pirate Defeat
    Reel in the Tigers 
    Clap the Cougars 
    Bears Are the Stars 
    Spotlight on the Bulldogs 
    And the Winner Is... Us 
    Box Office Blowout 
    Directing Our Way to Victory 
    Now Starring... the Lions 
    Roll Out the Red Carpet for the Mustangs

    Mardi Gras Float Slogan Ideas
    Defeat on Bourbon Street
    Jazz Up a Bulldog Victory!
    Mardi Gras Madness at Easley High
    Homecoming in the Big Easy
    Let the Good Times Roll at C.H.S.
    Give the Eagles a “Bead”-ing!

    Vegas Float Slogan Ideas
    The Eagles Are On a Losing Streak
    Bet On A Win!
    All Odds Are for the Lions
    Wildcats Hit the Jackpot!

    Western Float Slogan Ideas
    Lasso the Falcons
    Tame the Cougars
    The Mustangs Win the West!
    Stompin’ to Victory!
    Wanted: A Tiger Victory
    Jail 'Em
    Spur the Team on to Victory
    Showdown at the MHS Corral
    Kick the Cougars 
    Brand 'Em 
    Until the Cows Come Home 
    We're Back in the Saddle Again 
    Rope 'Em 
    Stampede the Lions 

    Jungle Float Slogan Ideas 
    Welcome to the Jungle
    Lions Are Kings of the Jungle!
    Send the Tigers Back to the Jungle
    M.H.S. Panthers Don’t Monkey Around
    King of the Jungle 
    Hunt Down the Tigers 
    Trap the Cardinals 
    Jungle Fever 
    Eye of the Tiger 
    It's a Jungle Out There 
    Hunting Down a Victory 

    Halloween Float Slogan Ideas 
    Here Lies Chester High School! 
    R.I.P. Pirates
    Tiger Eyes Are Watching 
    A Web of Defeat 
    The Great "Cougar" Patch 
    All Bulldogs Don't Go to Heaven 
    Buffy the "Cardinal" Slayer 
    You're Not in Kansas Anymore 
    Bewitch the Panthers 
    We're Baaack! 
    Bury the Rams 
    Haunt the Eagles 
    Boo - You're Dead!
    Scare Up a Victory 
    Trick or Defeat!
    Tigers Don't Have a Ghost of a Chance!

    Under the Sea Float Slogan Ideas 
    Send the Rams Out to Sea
    Bulldog Treasure! 
    X Marks the Victory Spot 
    Deep Blue Victory 
    Shark Attack 
    Walk the Plank 
    Sink the Eagles 
    The Warriors Sleep with the Fishes 
    Drench the Dogs!

    Space Float Slogan Ideas 
    Blasting off to a Victory!
    The Lions are Shining Stars
    The Cougars Are Lost in Space 
    The Universe Is Ours 
    Launch the Tigers 
    Blast 'Em! 
    Throw 'Em In the Black Hole 
    Out of This World 
    Mission to a Victory 
    Put 'Em Into Orbit

    Luau/Tropical Float Slogan Ideas 
    Lei the Tigers Down
    Cook the Knights
    Sacrifice the Lions
    Tiki Curse 
    Blast the Wildcats 
    Cast Away the Indians 
    Hang Ten for a Victory 
    The Waves of Victory 
    Bulldog Paradise 
    Hook the Marlins 
    Fishing for a Victory 
    Torch the Tigers 
    Roast the Dogs

    Fairytale Float Slogan Ideas 
    Dreaming of a Victory
    Throw the Knights in the Dungeon 
    Cast a Spell on the Chargers 
    Throw the Dogs in the Moat 
    The Sky Is the Limit 
    Mirror, Mirror on the Wall, the Cougars Are Gonna Win 'Em All! 
    A Dream for a Wildcat 
    The Clock Strikes Midnight - Goodnight Mustangs! 
    Happily Ever After a Cougar Victory

    Homecoming Theme Slogans
    Proud to Be a Panther
    Stand Strong Eagles
    Make Us Proud!
    Never Give Up!
    Fight to Win!
    We’re Number One!
    Don’t Mess with Us!
    Down with That!
    Get Revved Up!
    Amped Up!
    Bring It On
    Get your Game on
    Raisin' the Roof
    Phantom Menace
    Who Let the Dogs Out
    Crunch Time
    Remember the Titans
    Take 'Em by Storm
    Taking Out the Trash

    Float Slogan Ideas - Mascot

    • Sink the Admirals
    • Axe the Aggies
    • Battle the Aggies
    • Victory over the Aggies
    • Plant the Aggies
    • Ambush the Antelopes
    • Rattle the Antlers
    • Crush the Armadillos
    • Stew the Armadillos
    • Bag the Badgers
    • Stomp the Badgers
    • Battle the Badgers
    • Smoke the Cudas
    • Batter the Bears
    • Bewilder the Bear Cats
    • Cage the Bear Cats
    • Bench the Bears
    • Bash the Bears
    • Tree the Bears
    • Bury the Bears
    • Scare the Bears
    • Besiege the Bears
    • Boot the Beavers
    • On your knees Bees
    • Claw the Bengals
    • Bake the Birds
    • Pluck the Birds
    • Batter the Bison
    • Blast the Bishops
    • Banish the Bison
    • De-horn the Blue Devils
    • Shame the Blue Devils
    • Burn the Blue Devils
    • Say Your Prayers Blue Devils
    • Baffle the Blue Jays
    • Pluck the Blue Jays
    • Box the Bob Cats
    • Bury the Bob Cats
    • Skin the Bob Cats
    • Baste the Brammas
    • Hide the Brammas
    • Bench the Braves
    • Bolt the Broncos
    • Bust the Broncos
    • Saddle the Broncos
    • Bruise the Bruins
    • Bury the Bruins
    • Beach the Buccaneers
    • Make the Bucs Beg
    • Blockade the Bucks
    • Aim for the Bucks
    • Stampede the Buffaloes
    • Barbecue the Buffaloes
    • Train the Bulldogs
    • Best the Bulldogs
    • Heel the Bulldogs
    • Bug the Bulldogs
    • Blast the Bulldogs
    • Barbecue the Bulldogs
    • Brand the Bulldogs
    • Muzzle the Bulldogs
    • Cream the Bull pups
    • March through the Cadets
    • Cage the Cardinals
    • Ruffle the Cardinals
    • Con the Cardinals
    • Deck the Cards
    • Kick the Cats
    • Put out the Cats
    • Chop the Cavaliers
    • Chain the Chaparrals
    • Crash the Chargers
    • Unplug the Chargers
    • Challenge the Chieftains
    • Confine the Cobras
    • Clamp Down on the Colonels
    • Hobble the Colts
    • Corral the Colts
    • Crumble the Comets
    • Can the Comets
    • Cage the Cougars
    • Confuse the Cougars
    • Cougars are Scaredy Cats
    • Claw the Cougars
    • Spur the Cowboys
    • Round-Up the Cowboys
    • Capture the Coyotes
    • Make the Crusaders Cringe
    • Crimp the Cubs
    • Crunch the Cubs
    • Control the Cyclones
    • Devastate the Demons
    • Divert the Devils
    • Disrupt the Devils
    • Cool the Devils
    • Drag the Dragons
    • Drench the Dragons
    • Depress the Ducks
    • Eliminate the Eagles
    • Up End the Eagles
    • Exterminate the Eagles
    • Entrap the Eagles
    • Egg the Eagles
    • Make the Eagles Sore
    • Pluck the Eagles
    • Perch the Falcons
    • Fling the Falcons
    • Flush the Falcons
    • Fence in the Farmers
    • Frustrate the Foxes
    • Swamp the Gators
    • Grind the Gators
    • Discipline the Generals
    • Exhaust the Greyhounds
    • Muzzle the Greyhounds
    • Bottle Up the Green Wave
    • Humble the Highlanders
    • Hamper the Highlanders
    • Stun the Hornets
    • Halt the Hornets
    • Swat the Hornets
    • Put the Hurt on the Hornets
    • Send the Hounds back to the Dog House
    • Saddle up the Horses
    • Blow Out the Hurricanes
    • Leash the Huskies
    • Harness the Huskies
    • Daze the Jack Rabbits
    • Jar the Jackets
    • Zip up the Jackets
    • Spray the Jackets
    • Jump the Jaguars
    • Send the Jags packing
    • Nuke the Knights
    • Can the Knights
    • Scrap the Knights
    • Kidnap the Knights
    • Daze the Knights
    • Put out the Knight's Lights
    • Lash the Lancers
    • Level the Leopards
    • Launch the Leopards
    • Maul the Lions
    • Stop the Lions in their Tracks
    • De-mane the Lions
    • Lock up the Lions
    • Look Down on the Lions
    • Label the Lions
    • Lambaste the Lions
    • Loop the Longhorns
    • Stump the Lumberjacks
    • Fry the Marlins
    • Master the Matadors
    • Mangle the Mavericks
    • Blast the Miners
    • Maul the Minutemen
    • Mug the Mounties
    • Round up the Mustangs
    • Muzzle the Mustangs
    • Lather the Mustangs
    • Lasso the Mustangs
    • Boot the Mustangs
    • Brand the Mustangs
    • Cap Off the Oilers
    • Obstruct the Oilers
    • Beat the Stuffin' out of the Owls
    • Cage the Owls
    • Pelt the Panthers
    • Pain the Panthers
    • Pickles the Panthers
    • Pelt the Panthers
    • Paddle the Panthers
    • Pound the Panthers
    • Pink the Panthers
    • Make the Patriots Surrender
    • Pop the Patriots
    • Pickle the Patriots
    • It's the End of the Line for the Pioneers
    • Plunder the Pirates
    • Plank the Pirates
    • Deck the Pirates
    • Sink the Pirates
    • Deep Six the Pirates
    • Ransack the Raiders
    • Run Off the Raiders
    • Run Down the Raiders
    • Repulse the Raiders
    • Maybe Later, Raiders
    • Cram the Rams
    • Rumble the Rams
    • Ravage the Rams
    • Rams Make Good Trophies
    • Hang Up the Rangers
    • Shake the Rattlers
    • Hog-Tie the Razorbacks
    • Rag the Rebels
    • Collar the Rebels
    • Reform the Red Devils
    • Railroad the Red Devils
    • Rock the Rockets
    • Rough up the Rough Riders
    • Sack the Saints
    • Shame the Saints
    • Scorch the Scorpions
    • Shock the Scots
    • Sucker the Sharks
    • Squish the Skeeters
    • Subdue the Spartans
    • Shred the Spartans
    • Spank the Spartans
    • Stall the Stallions
    • Stifle the Steelers
    • Cage the T-Birds
    • Terminate the Tigers
    • Deflate the Texans
    • Turn Under the Thunderbirds
    • Tag the Tigers  
    • Top the Tigers
    • Trample the Tigers
    • Tucker the Tigers
    • Thrash the Tigers
    • Tame the Tigers
    • Make the Tornadoes take Cover
    • Tame the Tornadoes
    • Tie Up the Trojans
    • Trash the Trojans
    • Trojans make easy Targets
    • Tar the Trojans
    • Truck on the Trojans
    • Trample the Trojans
    • Vex the Vikings
    • Capsize the Vikings
    • Eliminate the Wild Cats
    • Scat the Wild Cats
    • Scratch the Wild Cats
    • Rope the Wild Cats
    • Wallop the Wild Cats
    • Whip the Wild Cats
    • Bury the Wolverines
    • Winch the Wolves
    • Wobble the Wolves
    • Make 'Em Cry Wolf
    • Sack the Wolf Pack
    • Make the Yellow Jackets Yell
    • Smush the Yellow Jackets
    • Exterminate the Yellow Jackets
    • Swat the Yellow Jackets