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Family time isn’t canceled, it just looks a little different.

Not being able to see family, especially older family members is really tough. They are the ones we normally turn to in crisis, and yet in this one we must remain far away. We may not be able to be together in person, but there are ways to still show them love from afar!

Coming up with new ways to feel close to the ones we love while practicing social distancing can be fun and close the gap between space and time. We decided to share small versions of big love with Wendy’s parents who are missing spending time with their grandkids. Being the good sports they are, Jack and Pat immediately began amusing themselves (and us!) by sharing their daily lives with their #flatgrandkids.

It’s no question that our lovely Shindigz owners, Shep and Wendy, are family-oriented people. While they may be apart, they make sure to talk everyday and are experts at finding unique ways to connect with them.

Shep and Wendy’s three children are (like all grandkids) adored by their grandparents. Some family holidays won’t be spent as a family this year, so these rock stars decided to send the next best thing: standees of their grandkids!

Wendy’s parents mean everything to her and the coronavirus has certainly put a strain on their active and happy lifestyle. As she puts it," My parents are 92 and 88 and very active. They are not the stay at home type. Their normal routine would include attending Indiana University men’s and women’s basketball games (they prefer the women’s games), IU volleyball and baseball games, the theater, dinners out with friends, billiards, bridge tournaments, 100+ Women Who Care, yoga and exercise class, helping the "elderly" with their bookkeeping and of course, hanging with their three daughters and grandkids."

Wendy’s parents live in a senior community that provides most of the activities they do day-to-day. Wendy further shared, "Unfortunately, they are now in quarantine and all activities have stopped. They can’t even go to the Big House for group meals as dinners are now delivered."

Rather than let their significant lifestyle change negatively affect them, Wendy’s parents are simply leaning in to positivity. They are making the most of their time in quarantine by embracing and learning new methods of technology. "My daughter taught her grandparents how to shop for food online, so they are all set." Wendy said.

We can’t help but admire this dynamic duo! Also, can they be any cuter?! "I am very blessed to have older parents who have embraced the iPhone and computer," says Wendy. Receiving all of their photos has brought nothing but smiles and we are so amazed by their photography skills!

We dearly thank Jack and Pat for the photos they’ve shared. They’ve truly affirmed that we can still be together while apart. If you want your loved ones to feel connected during this time of isolation, send them Standee versions of the family or favorite fur babies. Share the fun with us by using the hashtag #flatgrandkids and tag @shindigz. We can’t wait to see your take on this way to stay united!