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Forever Fiesta Birthday Party Idea

Julie Verville | JUNE 23, 2017

Fiesta parties are always in style!! For this year, we wanted to go with a softer color palette than the traditional fiesta colors, opting for pinks, teal, yellow and purple over reds, greens and yellows. And, we are in love with cactus images, so we chose that as our jumping off point in terms of design.

The dessert table backdrop was covered in a pink paper using a staple gun around the edges. The paper roll is the perfect size to cover a 48x48" piece of thin plywood. We draped this Del Sol plastic banner across the top of our board and along the table linen, overlapping in places with this fun glitter scalloped garland.

To contrast with the pink backdrop, we selected this bold Bermuda blue polyester tablecloth for the base of our table. For fun, and added table height, we displayed this fun cactus standee to the opposite side of the draped table banner.

For table height, we added a fun cactus piñata underneath the draped garland, and to balance we displayed this fun cactus birthday cake on a tall wooden and metal pedestal. The centerpiece of the dessert table was a pedestal full of custom cactus cupcakes topped with pink flowers, anchored with these personalized cupcake wrappers. In addition to cake and cupcakes, we offered guests these personalized cake ball pops which perfectly coordinated with the fiesta floral motif.

For added personalization, we dressed up simple white paper plates with floral fiesta cutouts and round static decals, easily applied to the center of the plates for an instantly custom appearance. Water bottles and pink soda bottles were dressed up using custom, personalized bottle wrappers.

To capture photos during the party, we utilized this great cardboard fiesta floral backdrop, anchoring the front space of the photo area with inflatable cactuses. White maracas were set out for guests to get their fiesta on in photos as shown by our enthusiastic party guest.

Adult party guests took home planted succulents in bright pink, yellow and green tin metal pails as favors, with coordinating "Muchas Gracias" sticker labels attached to the handles.