Father’s Day Gift Ideas

You know him—he’s that dad that knows exactly what he wants, and gets it for himself when he wants it. How do you shop for a dad that has everything when you want to show him you care on Father’s Day? Here are some creative and out-of-the-box gifts for dads who have everything.

Artwork He Can’t Find Anywhere Else

Dad has great taste in everything, but even the best taste can’t find him one-of-a-kind art from the brightest up and coming artist in his eyes—his child. Provide kids with blank canvases and art supplies and have them create a unique piece of art that dad can’t find anywhere else. If kids are really young, you can have them use stencils or hand prints for an easy look; older kids can get creative and express themselves just for dad!

Gallery-Style Photos of His Favorite People

If hand-made art isn’t his thing, create a stunning photo canvas starring his most-loved faces. Take a special photograph of the family or even just dad and the kids and have it blown up and stretched on a canvas. The result is a professional-looking image that he will be proud to display in his room or office, and that you can know for sure he won’t already own!

A Customized Dinner Menu From The Kids’ Kitchen

No one can say no to the gift of a good meal, and, even if dad has tried the most fashionable restaurants in town, he will love a carefully planned and prepared Father’s Day menu. Plan and print a special menu, or have kids draw out their own menus for the meal as a keepsake for dad. Whether the kids are little chefs or need a bit of help from mom, a special meal will make the dad that has everything feel like a real celebrity.

An Exclusive Playlist

If dad is an audiophile, you can bet that he already owns all of the classic albums that he loves. Instead of buying him a CD that he probably already has, curate a customized playlist for him—it could be a mix of his favorites, a mix of songs that are special to father and child, or a mix of songs about dads. He’ll love listening to his favorite tunes from his child’s point of view. If you send the playlist to his smartphone, you can even give him a fun mix-tape phone case cover to remind him of his mix-tape days when he was younger.