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Awesome Back to School & Classroom Decoration Ideas

Going back to school may look a little different this year, so invigorate students with some great classroom and back to school decor. These decorations will get students excited about learning and the school year to come. Whether you are a teacher, school administrator or even a parent, you will find that these decorations and props will engage children and make them feel welcomed back to school. No matter what your going back to school situation may look like, here are some back to school decorating ideas for all the locations where students might be learning this fall.

School Yard Decorations:

Welcome back students and staff right away by setting up Welcome Back yard signs and show your appreciation for teachers with We Love Our Teachers yard signs. Line the sidewalk with 3D crayon props to create a whimsical entrance for students that will fire them up about the first day of school. Make sure someone is there to safely greet everyone by having a mascot cutout or a custom cutout of student athletes or staff. Create an interactive photo booth with a school bus photo stand in for parents to capture first day memories.

Front Entrance Banners:

Greet students, parents and staff with a custom, personalized banner. Shindigz offers tons of designs depending on your theme. Choose from a classic school supplies banner, a mascot banner to show some school pride or a colorful crayon banner to promote creativity. Show appreciation and recognize student athletes with a soccer banner, football rectangle banner, baseball custom banner, track square banner or cheerleading banner.

Window Decor:

Whether students will see your window decorations from the inside or outside of the building, Shindigz has plenty of options. School days cutouts and danglers will set the scene for some intense learning and discovery. Have students color their own kingdom shield and hang them proudly in the windows to represent their classroom dominion.

Virtual Learning Space:

If your classroom is going to be online this year, we’ve also got you covered! Make your background look like the classroom with chalkboard patterned flat paper or use your imagination and pick a different pattern like the beach or some stars. Make sure you dress the part according to your theme and check out all the costume accessories that you can wear to compliment the scene you have set. Want to start with a blank canvas? Try using some seamless paper to cover your background and create a start fresh for the year. Write inspirational quotes down or draw some sketches that correspond with the day's lesson plan.

At Home School Celebration:

Parents, you can get in on the fun as well! Let the neighborhood know that you have a kiddo going back to school. Set out school themed yard standees wishing your child good luck on their first day back. Capture the moment in time and compliment your message with a custom photo cutout of your child. Use it to compare your student from the first day of school to the last to see how much they grew! Prepare your child for learning and get them pumped up for the first day by hanging globe paper lanterns or a planet earth bubble balloon in the kitchen while they eat breakfast. Make sure they have all the supplies they need including plenty of pens and pencils.

Not only does Shindigz offer great back to school decorations and classroom decor, we also offer plenty of craft supplies and activities to stock up on for your classroom. Happy learning!