New Year's Eve for the Family

With 3 young children, our New Year’s Eve festivities have certainly changed. This year, we wanted to create a NYE party that appealed to both adults and children, with special touches for both age groups. Including all guests in a celebration creates a fun, inviting environment for everyone invited.

Our seated tables were draped in classic white linens and accented with a black floral runner for textured and color contrast. Centerpieces were modified disco balls turned into floral vases; a simple DIY project. The shiny surfaces of the disco balls added a fun, playful element to our table’s décor and were certainly a conversation piece.

We loved using these plastic gold banded dinner plates at each place setting, as they offered the elegant look adults crave at a dinner party but practicality for the youngest guests. After all, disposable party ware makes for easy clean-up! And, you don’t have to worry about the smallest guests breaking anything!!

We dressed up black polyester napkins with personalized disco ball key ring, doubling as party favors, and set a silver bucket of New Year’s Eve goodies at each place setting filled with noise makers, black beads, and hats for both female and male guests; party headbands and plastic top hats. We included everything needed to make noise, laugh and have a great time during the New Year’s Eve festivities.

For fun, we filled the room with silver latex balloons, using star balloon weights for those displayed along the party’s floor.

As midnight approached, we handed out individual clear boxes filled with silver, gold and black star confetti to toss in celebration. A great time was had by all!

Author: Shindigz

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