Fairy Birthday Party by Heather Bauer


Hi everyone! Heather here from The Caterpillar Years sharing an adorable kid’s party theme—Woodland Fairies!

My six-year-old and four-year-old love everything fairy! This Woodland Fairy Party was the perfect party theme to create a magical space for them and their friends to play in.

Party styling always starts with a color pallet—I went with shades of pink, grass green, and browns.

I covered the snack table with a burlap cloth, and topped it with a moss table runner for contrast and texture. It was the perfect setting for all these yummy snacks!

The moss-covered and grapevine balls added to the overall rustic, woodland feel of the party.

I used small and large tissue poms to add height to our party table and snack table. A simple white paper bunting and some butterflies from the dollar store completed the backdrop.

The plates were custom ordered through the personalized pate option, using a graphic I designed. I was so, so, SO pleased with how they came out! The colors were spot on, and they really tied the party design together. I can’t speak highly enough of the personalized party options available!

Pink Chevron Flag Banner

Is there anything cuter than a group of little girls in fairy wings!? I don’t think so! These fairy wings were the perfect party accessory and take-home for this group.

These rustic wood place card holders were a welcome rustic touch to the snack table, and held the printable snack labels perfectly!

I love to bake, so these Woodland Fairy Party themed snacks were tons of fun to put together.

  • Twigs and Berries – pretzel sticks and mixed fresh berries
  • Acorns – mini Nilla wafers + chocolate kisses + butterscotch chip
  • Snails – store-bought breadstick dough, brushed with pesto, rolled and secured with two tooth-picks, then baked. Rosemary antennae.
  • Fallen Log Cake – Bouche du Noel recipe – DELICIOUS!
  • Mushroom Cupcakes – Use pink candy melts and inverted white chocolate chips to decorate your favorite cupcake recipe
  • Mossy BranchesFind this recipe on my blog!

I love parties that inspire creative play, and this one definitely had that effect! A few days after this party, I found my four-year-old wearing her fairy wings and playing "fairy party" with her dolls! Mom win!

I hope you try out some of these ideas and share your fairy party with us! Tag us in your photos— #shindigz!

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