Erin Go Bragh! St. Patrick's Day Party

ByErin Dove | March 1, 2017

Recently, I discovered the real meaning behind the phrase "Erin Go Bragh", and it does not mean "Happy St. Patrick's Day" like I originally thought. It means "Ireland until the end of time". Has a nice ring to it, don't you think? When planning my St. Patrick's Day party this year I wanted to take it a step further and incorporate Erin Go Bragh into my theme, and really celebrate Ireland {the fact that my name is Erin might have had a little something to do with it too!}.

Since Erin Go Bragh is such a bold statement it only makes sense that a party celebrating this occasion has a bold balloon-filled centerpiece wall right above the food and beverage table. These gold mylar letter balloons are the perfect statement piece for this party. Green glitter shamrocks also give it a nice touch. Add a shamrock table cloth with a gold sequined runner and you have a very festive table!

You can't help but think about leprechauns, pots of gold and rainbows during St. Patrick's Day too. I added pops of rainbow-colored accessories {paper plates, beverage napkins and tissue paper balls} to give the party some color.

I pulled some gold in by using chargers, champagne flutes, cutlery, straws and coins to accent the rainbow colors. Place all of these decorations on top of a white tablecloth and shamrock runner and you've got yourself a really cute St. Patrick's Day dinner table!

Guests will need some party favors that they can wear to celebrate this holiday. Shamrock glasses, green and gold beer mugs beads should do the trick.

Green leprechaun hats can serve as party decor and another fun party favor for your guests! Attach them to chairs, or cut out the tops.

You can also add the phrase on these St. Patrick's Day cupcake holders.

This St. Patrick's Day why not fully embrace the holiday and the meaning of Erin Go Bragh too!?