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Emoji Classroom Valentine's Day Party Idea

Extraordinary teachers pour time, passion and care into each day, and February 14th is no exception! We teamed up with the kindergarten teacher at Brentwood Elementary to throw a trendy emoji-themed Valentine’s Day party. Here’s a how-to so you can pull off your own shindig – and be the coolest. teacher. ever.


Our cupids converted the classroom with simple, affordable, and colorful décor to get the party started! These emoji must-haves made the students all smiles:

  • Balloons – These gave the party a POP! We filled them with helium and scattered around the room – lots of heart ones, and a few emojis, too!
  • Yellow "emoji" paper lanterns – A little paper and tape gave these familiar friends a dose of personality!

A few more budget-friendly embellishments:

Photo Ops & Wearables

A photo booth turned up the fun! Flat paper was the perfect backdrop for our photo op; we simply taped it to a wall and added style with Valentine Emoji String Decorations. The best part: wearables! Students loved the Emoji Fan Faces, Heart Beads and Valentine Emoji Headboppers.


Emojis were a guest at the table with themed plates, napkins and cups. Bring on the snacks!

Games & Activities

The good times just kept rolling with DIY party games!

  • Emoji Bingo – We snagged some free online printables and students marked their boards with candy hearts. Five in a row = BINGO!
  • Pin the Face on the Emoji – A yellow paper circle on the wall started the face, then red heart eyes and a black smile cut from more paper. We placed a small piece of tape on the backs of each, blindfolded the students, and watched them try to pin the smile in place!
  • Hot Emoji – Similar to the classic game of "Hot Potato" with a plush emoji toy as the "potato". Students sat in a circle and passed the emoji toy to songs from The Emoji Movie. When the music stopped, the player with the emoji was out of the circle. Last player remaining won!
  • Emoji Valentines – For the crafty kids and those who forgot to bring valentines, we set up a decorating station where they made their own emoji cards!
  • Tic-Tac-Toe –This fave got a twist with mylar balloon Xs and emoji face Os! Painter’s tape made for a quick grid—great for a wall, table or floor.

Food & Drinks

Sugar time!


  • Sugar cookies + frosting = instant emoji sugar cookies!
  • Emoji cupcakes were a cinch using chocolate cake mix and yellow frosting. We added faces with red and black frosting tubes.


  • Another quick and easy option was a water bottle with an Emoji Stretchy Bracelet wrapped around it for the "label".
  • And everyone’s party favorite: punch! We combined equal parts of Hawaiian Punch and Sprite, then topped with raspberry sherbet ice cream, and garnished with raspberries and pineapple slices.


The sweethearts went home with an emoji favor bag and ear-to-ear smiles!

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