Emoji Birthday Party by Jenny Dixon


My sweet niece and her best friend share everything, even this emoji birthday party! The dynamic duo threw a combined 11th birthday party and invited all their friends to come and celebrate with them.

The backyard was transformed with low tables. Guests sat on cushions and emoji pillows. The table was set with a gorgeous black and white striped tablecloth, turquoise and yellow plates, chalkboard place card frames, yellow cups and emoji printable signs by Eye Candy Creative Studio.

The girls created food inspired emojis out of freshly cut vegetables and fruit. Just create, eat, and repeat!

Inside, desserts were waiting… of course there had to be emoji cookies and the infamous poop cupcakes.

So many fun mylar emoji balloons to pick from!

And, the poop cupcakes. So easy and fun to make. I promise, the kids will love them!

Homemade birthday cakes baked and designed by the birthday girls’ grandmothers.

Say cheese! The photo booth was was easy to set up using large sized black seamless paper. We added a banner, yellow dots garland, and yellow paper lanterns. Guests had fun posing with heart shaped glasses, wigs, and emoji fan faces.

These girls love to play games! First up was emoji twister with a LIFESIZE, motorized Twister spinner board. Talk about a WOW factor to the party!

Next, the girls divided into two teams and played corn hole on these super adorable personalized corn hole boards.

The girls rocked this game- emoji charades! The girls had to guess what image was on their forehead based on the non-verbal clues acted out by their teammates.

Can you guess what emoji image the girls are trying to act out?!! Corn!

The last game was called: Tess or Maddie? The girls were given big fan faces of each birthday girl and had to decide which clue/ and or story was about which birthday girl.

For example: Who fell and broke her arm on the first day of Kindergarten? …Maddie!

Who told Maddie to let go of that railing? …Tess!

Congrats girls on turning 11 and for throwing the most #emojitional parties ever!

Party Vendors:
Emoji Cookies: School House Bakery
Emoji Printable Party Collection: Eye Candy Creative Studio
Photography: A Joy Photography