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Earth Day Birthday

Are you ready for some good green fun? My daughter’s friends’ birthday is just a few days before Earth Day so I thought what a great theme for a birthday party. I teamed up with her mom and we put together this awesome nature inspired party packed full or earth friendly ideas. When planning the party, I made sure to use as many recyclable products as possible. If it was going to be disposable then I wanted it to be a paper product which is easily broken down. I saved aluminum cans, plastics cups and glass jars for weeks so we could use them for centerpieces. We used a lot of reusable items like paper flower and recycled products and even pulled things from our own garden.

I knew I wanted the kids to be able to go on a nature walk so we set the party up at a park that has its owns trails. I found a great spot under some trees right next to the trail opening. When the kids arrived, they dug right into all the nature inspired snacks like ladybug cheese, ants on a log, grape caterpillars, a broccoli tree and snail trails. To cut back on any plastic waste instead of water bottles we served strawberry infused spring water and fresh lemonade in reusable drink dispensers. Instead of disposable cups we used glass Mason jars that can be used again and again.

After the snacks were all gone we set out on our nature walk. Each guest got their own scavenger hunt card, wooden pencil & pair of binoculars made from toilet paper rolls. I painted a plastic strawberry container to make a special treasure chest for the birthday girl. While out on our walk each friend found a special treasure to give to the birthday girl to keep in her treasure box. After the walk, we dug into some sweet treats of Earth inspired cupcakes and sugar cookies. The cupcakes were made using blue & green food coloring to look like little earths and topped with custom toppers from Shindigz.

After sweets, we made some treats for the birdies by covering leftover toilet paper rolls in peanut butter and rolling them in birdseed making an easy bird feeder. Then each guest was able to plant their own basket of wildflowers using little seed packets made from recycled paper bags. When it was time for all the little tree huggers to head home they each got their own world class certificate as a keepsake to document their commitment to making the world a better place. It was such a fun day full of so many Earth friendly memories.