DIY Tassel Balloons by Erin Dove

Hi Shindigz Party Planners! It’s Erin from The Blue Eyed Dove back this month with an easy party craft. I love decorating with balloons for parties. Balloons add so much color, height, and are a fairly inexpensive way to make any party look fantastic!

With graduation parties right around the corner I thought I’d share how to replicate the ever-so-popular DIY tassel balloon that is sure to make a huge statement at many grad parties this year!



1. Blow up your balloon, {and secure it to the balloon weight}

2. Cut the tassel garland into 6 individual pieces. You can use one color or two. I used two different tassel garland colors for this project. Shindigz has lots of different color options to choose from, and even have several multi-colored garlands available so you only need to purchase one.}

3. Next, attach each individual strand of garland to the balloon string with a stapler, making sure to stagger each garland piece until you reach the balloon weight. Staggering each piece will ensure that you are able to completely cover the balloon string.

I used 6 pieces of the tassel garland on my balloon, just enough to cover the string and keep the balloon floating in the air. {Note: Remember to keep the weight on your string as light as possible or it will start to pull your balloon down!}

That’s it!

Stick with your school’s colors or do something fun to make your tassel balloon stand out even more. Then set it next to one of Shindigz’s grad standees to make the perfect statement at your graduation party! Check out Shindigz’s full line of graduation party supplies

Happy party planning and crafting!