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DIY Rainbow Photo Booth Idea

BY Shindigz | MARCH 16, 2018

If you are in need of a showstopping decoration for your child's birthday party, try out this DIY Rainbow Photo Booth. It will give you the splash of color and fun that everyone wants to see at a party. Plus, it's super simple to make this Rainbow Photo Backdrop with a Cloud Balloon Garland.

Begin by taping the top bar of the Fabric Frame with double sided tape. After you've done that, bunch the gossamer and tape it to the top.

The next step is the Balloon Garland.

This Cloud Balloon Garland was made using White Bright Tone Latex Balloons.

1. Blow up the balloons to all different sizes.

2. Tie two balloons together.

3. Cut the Monoline to how long you want your garland to be.

4. Wrap the balloons once around the monoline to secure them. The other option is to use the monoline like thread and use a needle to pierce through the knots of the balloons. If you do this, it is not necessary to tie them together.

5. Repeat these steps until your garland is complete.

Once you have finished the Rainbow Gossamer Backdrop and the Cloud Balloon Garland, adorn the whole thing with extras. We placed a few My Little Pony Foil Balloons as well as assorted color latex balloons on the edges of the Photo Booth.This gives the space a little more continuity instead of it just dropping off on the edges. It makes for much better photos for you.

We also spelled out the little birthday girl's name in Megaloon Junior Balloons. It really adds that extra little touch for the sake of your child. Every time his or her friends look back on the photos they took that day, they will see the name and rememeber the amazing birthday party.

Your DIY Rainbow Photobooth is complete! The Photo Booth is fun to make and it's so simple. Your child and his or her friends will be having so much fun, you might even have to drag them away from the Photo Booth to eat cake!

Author: Shindigz

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