DIY Halloween Skull Candelabra

It’s that time of year again… getting your home ready for all the spooky nights you are going to have this Halloween season!

This DIY Skull Candelabra is the perfect fit for creating a scary atmosphere while being stylish at the same time. This project only has a few steps and would be easy to make as a last minute decor item!



Step 1:

Spray paint 4 plastic skulls and your 2 terracotta pot trays black.

Step 2:

Hot glue one of the skulls to the bottom of the terracotta tray, then stack and glue the rest of the skulls on top of the first one. Then hot glue the other terracotta tray face up on the top skull.

Step 3:

Put batteries in one of the 2 candles and place it in the top terracotta tray & enjoy your new Halloween Skull Candelabra!

Step-by-Step video on Darby Smart

Enjoy Your New Skull Candelabra!