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DIY Halloween Party Photo Booth

BY Ashley Barnholt | OCTOBER 09, 2017

Ready to kick your Halloween party up a notch? Add a fun photo booth! I made one for my party using Shindigz’s new and colorful spooktacular products as my inspiration. This is perfect for a kid party, family party or adult party! Make yours in four easy steps, and in 15 minutes or less!

You will need:

Step 1: Attach a Black Striped Rectangle Table Cover to the top of a wall using Teachers Tape. You will probably need a stepladder for this, and maybe a friend to help hold it. Don’t limit yourself to just a blank wall if your home is small like mine. I hung my table cover over the doorway to the master bedroom, which is right next to the living room area—the space for my party. I didn’t want anyone in my bedroom anyway, and it’s one less space to clean!

Step 2: Add a simple, yet bright Yellow Mini Round Tissue Garland for decoration. Make it into two swags by taping near the middle for more interest.

Step 3: Hang a few paper decorations from the ceiling. I used Shindigz’s Orange Decorative Tissue Ball, Purple Designs Paper Fans and Lime Green Designs Paper Lanterns. I chose to have one without a print, one with polka dots and one with chevron to keep it interesting. The good news is, though, the green lanterns and purple fans come in a set with other print options, if you’d like.

For this step, I used Mono Line for hanging. This creates the illusion of the decorations being suspended midair. Hang them at a variety of heights for a more appealing look. If you’re unsure the best length for the string, have a couple friends, tall and short, come stand at the booth to help you get an idea. You could also use a measuring tape. Ideally, they’d be hung so the decorations aren’t blocked, but rather dangle close to the top of people’s heads. The other important thing to note is that you’ll want to suspend them from the ceiling a few inches from the wall so they don’t interfere with the garland. To hang, tie the mono line to the top of the hanging decoration, cut according to the desired length and tape to the ceiling.

Step 4: Create dimension with pumpkin and ghost standees. These free-standing, cardboard cutouts add a little extra Halloween spirit to the photo booth, and kids love them! Voila!

This was a huge hit at my party, and I’m sure it will be for yours, too! Have a safe and happy Halloween!