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DIY Gorgeous Easter Place Setting Idea

Hippity hoppity Easter’s on its way! And what better way to celebrate the holiday than with a do-it-yourself spring tablescape, complete with simple greenery and an adorable gingham pattern.

We love this simple DIY name card idea for your Easter gathering. Family members and friends will love to find their place at the table with a homemade birdie’s nest made from Easter eggs and spring materials.

Here’s what you need:

Set up your table with your usual Easter placemats and plates – your nest will be placed on top of each plate. We love adding layers of plates to add dimension to the table. We kept it simple with a silver woven placemat and black and white paper plates (when serving a large family or a ton of friends, we love an easy cleanup!).

Next, get ready to make your nest! Here’s how we assembled it:

1. Cut a small amount of twig garland (about 8 inches). This will create the sturdy base to your nest.

2. Make a circle from the twig garland, about 3 inches in diameter, and secure the two ends by wrapping them together with a wire-y piece of twig from the garland.

3. Hot glue the ends together for an extra tight hold, and to ensure the base of the nest stays in its circular shape. This will help to keep your egg propped up in the nest so the guests can easily see their name!

Place the wooden coaster on each plate and add your twig garland circle. Then, place a small amount of moss in the center of the twig garland. We recommend adding enough to wrap around the edges of the egg for a full nest effect.

Before placing the eggs on each place setting, write the names of each one of your guests directly onto the eggs. We used a calligraphy brush pen for a simple, cursive look. Need a quick reminder for hard-boiling eggs? We love this recipe.

DIY Egg Calligraphy Idea

Guests will love to find their designated seats and appreciate the personal touch of a handmade name card. You can also use dyed Easter eggs for a colorful, pastel look – the kids will love it!