DIY Goal Football Sign by Laura Aguirre


It’s time to start gearing up for super bowl! Every year we love to host the big game. I make sure my party table is filled with delicious food and great decor.

I created a super easy DIY project that will work perfectly for your super bowl party table! It will add just enough "fun" to your game day spread.

To make this project, you will need the following supplies:

    Styrofoam letters of your choice
    Poster markers in black and white

I first set out all the letters and prepped my project area. The poster markers are a water-based paint and make for easy clean-up. The paint bottles have a sponge top that make application a breeze!

I started applying the paint on the styrofoam letters in easy strokes. You’ll need to gently squeeze the bottle, and dab the sponge onto the surface at the same time. Cover the desired area of your letter(s).

I found that two coats of paint worked best. Make sure your first application is completely dry before adding on your second coat.

After my letters were thoroughly dry, it was time to work on the next step. I wanted my letters to resemble a playbook. To do this, I painted on arrows, X’s, and O’s. Once the paint was dry, I configured my letters on the party table.

I added some fake grass to the party table, and set the letters up accordingly. Add your party trays, drinks, and lots of sideline snacks, and you’ll be ready for the big game!


Author: Shindigz

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