DIY Fire Pit by Heather Bauer

The focal point of any camp site is the fire pit. So when we planned our indoor camp glam party, I knew we absolutely had to have some kind of fire pit! Obviously, real fire was out of the question, so we got creative with a DIY solution!

Here’s everything you need to make this DIY fire pit:

The silky fabric of the flame, plus the red-orange light, make this fiery pot SO realistic! But it certainly looks like something that should be hanging in a haunted castle, so the first thing you need to do is unclip and remove the hanging chain.

Next, make the logs! Cut up the brown paper bags into various lengths, then crinkle and roll them into log shapes.

Take the longest paper length, and create a ring for the pot to sit in. This will help the pot balance, as well as keep the fan functioning with adequate air flowing through the holes in the base of the pot.

Then place a strip of double sided tape around the outside rim of the fire pot. Now all of your paper logs will stick to the pot!

Complete your fire pit by leaning your paper logs against the fire pot until the entire pot is surrounded.

Plug in the fire pit and watch the flame dance!

This DIY fire pit is the perfect addition to your Camp Glam party!