DIY Father’s Day Gifts Dads Love

You don’t have to spend a lot of money on a fancy gift to impress dad on Father’s Day—most dads will treasure a handmade or personalized gift more than an expensive gadget, anyways. This year, step-up your Father’s Day gift-giving game with a little planning and create—or help your kids create—an amazing DIY Father’s Day gift he will cherish.

A Sweet Gesture

Make dad not only a treat that he can eat, but one that he can also hold on to by baking his favorite kind of homemade cookies. Afterwards, put them in an inexpensive container decorated with stickers and sparkles by the kids. Promise to refill the container for him once a month all year long for a Father’s Day treat that will keep on giving!

A Step Forward

Even the littlest of daddy’s kids can create a heart-warming handmade gift for dad with the help of a little creative ingenuity. Have kids dip their hands or feet into a bit of paint and then stamp the painted area on a piece of thick paper. Write a special message on the paper and frame it for an easy and personal DIY Father’s Day gift that will help him remember just how little his little ones were…even years from now when they’re heading off for college.

Get Dad A Special Six-Pack

Give dad the gift of a cold one, but with a special, personalized twist. With the help of an adult, kids can design and order personalized glass bottle labels with a special message and look just for dad. Simply peel and stick the labels on a few of his favorite bottles of beer and he’ll have a customized six-pack that he won’t want to share with his buddies.

The Key to His Heart

Dad can’t go anywhere without his keys, so customize a DIY key tag craft as a Father’s Day gift he’ll never forget. Start with a plain key strap, and add on a special token of affection like a special toy on a string or a clear photo frame with a hand-drawn picture of the family in it. Just add whatever will start up his heart each time he goes to start up his car!

Showing dad how much you care doesn’t have to be fancy or expensive this Father’s Day—dad will appreciate anything, as long as it’s from his beloved children and from the heart.