DIY Elmo Birthday Party Favor Ideas

If your little one giggles along to Elmo during Sesame Street, why not create a birthday full of laughter with the fuzzy red Muppet? Whether for baby’s first birthday or a ticklish toddler, guests will bring Elmo’s World memories home with these five do-it-yourself party favor ideas:

C is for Crayons. P is for Party Pails.

Ditch the conventional cellophane party favor bag and opt for a more permanent option. Kids get to reuse them for Halloween, Easter, or just hold onto them as a souvenir.

Make this a more educational take-home gift. After all, Elmo loves his crayons! Find coloring pages on the Sesame Street website, and add coloring books, crayon sets, rulers, stickers and little story books to stick in your pails.

Plus, they perfectly hold any piñata treats and traditional favors little ones love like blowouts and bubbles.

Dorothy Fish Bowls

Sure Ernie has his rubber duckies but in Elmo’s World, it’s all about his goldfish, Dorothy. Give party guests an adorable nod to Elmo’s goldy, Dorothy, by making little fish bowls.

Buy mini plastic fish bowls and fill them with goldfish. Put blue construction paper as the background and write your child’s name and birthday year.

For another Dorothy homage that’s toddler-sized, try marshmallow or cake pops. Just add blue-dye, melted chocolate, graham goldfish snacks, and lollipop sticks to your party supplies list.

Cookie Monster Approved Treats

Decorating Elmo cookies looks a lot harder than it seems. Simply bake round sugar cookies, add red frosting and white and black frosting for the eyes, an orange jellybean for a nose, and black licorice or half an Oreo cookie for a mouth (two cookies in one!) Display on an adorable Elmo cupcake stand.

Or, just bake some chocolate-chip cookies and place them on Sesame Street plates (featuring Cookie Monster, of course) and wrap the plates in cellophane. Add a milk carton or bottle for a cute effect and an after-dinner snack for mom, dad, and tyke’s enjoyment.

For the extra-mini Muppet fan, fill plastic baby bottles with mini chocolate chip cookies. Then decorate the bottles with cutouts. Or, melt some chocolates and adhere edible Elmo icing decorations to Oreos for delicious ElmOreos.

Elmo and Zoe’s Lemonade Stand

Make sure your creative party favors stand out. Instead of a boring table display, recreate Elmo and Zoe’s lemonade stand. Put your host, Elmo, to work at your drink stand with a life-sized balloon. Take pictures of the guests with the Elmo balloon and have a perfect addition to thank-you notes, as well.

Any table, wooden crate, or chest will work. Cover the surface with a tablecloth that shows Elmo and friends. Then use a banner or sign to mark it as the lemonade stand. How about: "[Insert birthday child’s name]’s La, La, La, La, La Lemonade."

Serve lemonade in Elmo-themed cups, display matching drink napkins, and place your goodies next to each cup.

Toddlers love Elmo’s smiling face and bringing him home to your birthday baby’s friends keeps the celebration and laughter going. With your creative and colorful sweets and favors, your guests won’t need directions to Sesame Street.