DIY Birthday Favors by Heather Bauer


Hi everyone! Heather here from The Caterpillar Years, sharing a simple way to transform ordinary brown bags into hand-made gifts!

Here are the supplies you’ll need to create these darling lacy butterfly bags—perfect for handing out at your woodland fairy party!


  • Kraft paper bags
  • 8″ Doily
  • Pink 1.5″ Ribbon
  • White Glue (a brush is useful!)
  • Scissors
  • I found a tissue box useful to keep the bag open while I worked

Step 1

To make the butterfly wings fold two doilies using an accordion fold.

Step 2

Cut off approximately 18″ of the ribbon, and tie a knot in the middle. Then open a bag and place the tissue box inside to hold the bag open, and to give you a firm surface to press against.

Place a dot of glue in the middle of one side of the bag, and place the first doily on the glue. Then brush glue on the center of the first doily and press on the second doily. The two doilies should make an "X".

Brush additional glue on top of the center of the two doilies and center the knot in the pink ribbon over the doilies.

Step 3

Now work your way around the bag, brushing glue under the ribbon, and pressing the ribbon down onto the bag, being careful to keep your lines straight.


That’s it! Let the glue dry, and you have a beautiful bag to give to your guests!

I filled our goody bags with bracelets, stickers, bubbles and butterfly rings, to coordinate with our woodland party theme.