Dinosaur Birthday Party Ideas


Don’t let your next kid’s birthday party go extinct - get creative and transport your young guests to an quest of Jurassic proportions with a dinosaur themed birthday party!

Little ones love to roar, so give them a party that celebrates their wild sides with a dinosaur theme birthday party. With a little originality and planning, you can create a party plan that is worthy of a whole other era!

Dino-tastic Party Activities

With a unique theme like dinosaurs at the center of your birthday party, you will definitely want to have plenty of fun and stimulating activities planned for the kids. If the party has an outdoor component, why not get everyone involved in a little prehistoric dig? Fill a sandbox or kiddie pool with sand or dirt, and hide a number of small dinosaur toys. Then, give each kid a paleontologist kit and let him or her dig for treasure. Or, put a twist on the classic Easter egg hunt by hiding wrapped egg candies—or "dinosaur eggs"—and have the kids hunt for them. Once the kids are tired out, they can try some crafting by painting a dino fossil of their own to take home.

If you have a smaller group of party goers, you can have each child craft their own dino face masks to wear using crafting materials, ribbons, and colorful paper plates. Have everyone take photos with their dino faces on at a dinosaur photo stand in—you can email the sweet pictures to them later for a treasured memory keepsake of their dino-tastic good time!

Food Fit for Your Favorite Dinos

Don’t forget about your dinosaur theme when it comes time to feed the little monsters. Transform plain sugar cookies into "fossils" by using a fork or toy dinosaur foot to make little footprints in each cookie before baking. Little carnivores will love dipping dino-shaped chicken nuggets into their favorite sauces, while little herbivores will love munching on leafy green broccoli "trees" with dip. And you can never go wrong with chocolate or candy dino eggs!

Go ahead, and take a cue from the (really, really, really) long-ago past with an adventurous dinosaur theme birthday party for kids!