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12 Unique Ways to Decorate with Balloons

Like chocolate cake and flickering candles, balloons are a birthday party staple. They come in all your favorite colors and can be hung around the room to add fun pops of color and whim. But sometimes plain old round balloons just won’t cut it. At Shindigz, we carry balloons in every shape and size for your every event. And our ultra-creative bloggers know exactly how to style them for the perfect party set-up. Here are some of our favorite ideas on how to use balloons at your celebration.

Balloon Meets Bling

Did someone say "I do?" Our diamond ring-shaped balloons are the perfect accessory for your bridal shower or bachelorette party. Jenny Dixon used letter-shaped balloons to spell out the name of the best meal of the day: brunch! Follow her lead, or use letters to spell out whatever you’d like.

Silver Letter Balloons

Our letters don’t come in just one color! Julie Verville used our silver letter-shaped balloons to create this spooky set-up. She hung them against a dark backdrop, which really made them pop (not literally)!


If you use your imagination, a balloon can be anything you want it to be…including a unicorn! This mystical unicorn-themed birthday party called for some seriously adorable balloons, and the unicorn balloon kit delivered. Heather Bauer brilliantly propped them in empty jars to turn them into whimsical centerpieces at her unicorn birthday party.

Fishy Balloons

Brittany Schwaigert stayed true to her gone fishing theme with this perfectly nautical table! These balloons are the ideal decoration for the fisherman (or woman) in your life.

Express Yourself!

This birthday party was all about emojis, right down to the balloons. Jenny Dixon created the perfect smiley setup by setting these big balloons among a cluster of normal balloons in an accent color.

Standees with Balloons

Even if you purchase plain balloons, you can get creative with how you display them! Here, Julie Verville let the robot standee hold the balloons, and the result is adorable at her Robot Factory Party.

Number Balloons

Is someone celebrating a big birthday? Jenny Dixon strung number-shaped balloons on the guest of honor’s chair. She strayed away from string and used green leaves instead to fit in with the modern-rose theme at her grandmother's 90th birthday party.

Beachy Balloons

Aloha! A graduation party calls for a big entrance, so Brittany Schwaigert put these beach balls to good use. While these aren’t technically balloons, the awesome arch look can be mimicked using whatever balloons or fabric you like.

Confetti-filled Balloons

If you’re celebrating an 80’s themed party like Brittany Schwaigert was, then you need LOTS of bright color. She went with neon giant confetti-filled balloons for a burst of fun.

The Moon Balloon

Pajama parties are always a blast, whether they’re happening during the evening or in broad daylight. No matter the time of day, you can use Laura Aguirre’s ideas to make it look like nighttime. Laura used a moon-shaped balloon against a starry backdrop to set the sleepy scene perfectly.

Mix & Match Balloons

Though Brittany was decorating for a New Year’s Eve party, her balloon ideas are applicable for any event! She mixed balloon colors, designs and sizes, creating a gorgeous balloon installation. Stock up on the balloon tape, pick out a variety of your favorites and begin creating your own!

Balloons don’t have to bob around sadly in the corner anymore; they can be a major focal point at your party! Now that you’ve gathered some amazing balloon inspiration, start thinking about how you’ll use them at your next event.

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