How to Select a Good Image for a Custom Cutout

We’ll take a swing at whatever picture you upload, but there are some photos that are going to turn out better than others. Here’s our best advice on how to make sure that your standee or big head turns out exactly the way you want it to.

    Make sure the quality is good. If you took the picture at midnight with your dad’s flip phone from 2003, chances are the standee will not look great. The picture should be well-lit, high-resolution, and it must be at least 1 MB in size.
    Make sure you like the photograph! The standee or big head is going to be exactly like the picture you upload. So, if you hate your haircut in the picture you took, you probably still won’t like it when it’s blown up into a big head.
    Confirm that you have permission to use the photo. We cannot print anything trademarked or copyrighted, or any professional images. If you would like to create a standee out of a professionally taken photo, just double check that the photographer is cool with it. He or she will need to sign a release.
    The subject of the photo should be in the front of the photo. If the picture is taken from across the room at a crowded concert, it may not be the ideal shot.
    Your photo can include more than one person! If you’re celebrating an engagement or perhaps a birthday for twins, feature both guests of honor in your standee.
    You’ve uploaded the perfect shot; now there’s only one more step before it’s in our hands! We will print the photo however you crop it, so make sure you spend a little extra time letting us know exactly how you’d like it done.

It’s that easy to pick a great picture for your standee. Does the idea sound intriguing, but you’re not sure what event you should create one for? Check out our list of perfect reasons to order a life-size standee.

Author: Shindigz

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