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Big Heads, Fan Faces and Lifesize Standees - Cardboard Cutout Ideas for Every Celebration

Looking for a fun way to make your event unique? For birthdays, anniversaries, baby and bridal showers, family reunions and everything in between, cardboard cutouts make a fun addition to the party’s decor and make an excellent photo op! We put together a quick list of fun cardboard cutout ideas that you’ll want to try at your next party.

  • Birthday surprise - throwing a surprise party? Add a lifesize standee of the guest of honor for an extra surprise!
  • Anniversary memories - when the happy couple has hit a milestone anniversary year, celebrate their commitment with a lifesize standee of their wedding day photo. Make sure to take pictures for a then/now moment!
  • Graduation growing up - Big Heads, Fan Faces and lifesize standees are the perfect graduation party decorations. Set up your cutouts around the venue showcasing your graduate as a baby all the way to graduation day.
  • Puppy birthday - who doesn’t love a good dog birthday party? Dog Fan Faces are so cute and fun - and make a great photo!
  • Senior night - what better way to honor seniors than to cheer them on with huge Big Heads all throughout the stadium? Get Fan Faces in three, six or 12 packs to help fill the crowd.
  • Bachelorette party fun - going out for a night on the town? Take along Fan Faces to let everyone know who’s the bride-to-be.
  • Graduation ceremony - when cheering for your graduate just isn’t enough, take along Big Heads and Fan Faces to the graduation ceremony so your grad can spot you in the crowd.

The options are endless! We love cardboard cutouts because they’re easy to create online, come in three different material options and ship fast. No matter who or what you’re celebrating, cutouts are a quick ice breaker and so much fun!