Creative 1st Birthday Party Ideas


Face it, babies are not going to remember their first birthday parties anyway. So instead of planning an event around cartoon characters, throw a party everyone will enjoy. Here are 9 great 1st birthday party ideas that are a little different.

Babies and Beer

At a backyard barbecue, kids can play in the grass while parents gather around the grill. As long as there’s a smash cake for pictures, it’s all good.

Picnic in the Park

Reserve a shelter at a park and let kids be kids. There’s no need to decorate, and the bubbles that most babies love will simply waft skyward without messing up the house.

Winter Onederland

Plan activities for inside and out for babies with November through February birthdays. If the weather cooperates, guests can help build baby’s first snowman. If there’s no snow, create your own winter scene inside. Make the party memorable with pink or blue ONEderland party decorations.

Baby’s a Rock Star

Invite friends over for an evening of "Rock Band" or karaoke with a kid-friendly play list. Chances are the guest of honor has started appreciating music and maybe even dancing.

A Year of Making Waves

Celebrate baby’s milestone with a pool party at home or at a community center. Year-olds will enjoy a chance to splash around in the water, while adults can have some fun in the sun.

Sailing Toward Toddler Hood

Create an Under the Sea scene in bright jewel tones or a nautical motif in crayon colors. Serve finger foods for an afternoon party or throw a clam bake or seafood fest at night.

Tailgating Extravaganza

For families in which season tickets are birthright, plan baby’s first birthday party around the big game. If you can’t take the crowd with you, plan the party for kickoff time and serve tailgating foods near the big screen TV.

Games People Play

If your party is going to be at a big venue, make "Candy Land" larger than life. This gateway board game has been around so long it resonates across generations. For smaller spaces, adapt the game of "Clue" to a family-friendly theme. Instead of searching for a murderer, figure out who stole the blankie.

The Gang’s All Here

It’s amazing how often bunches of babies arrive within a year or two among co-workers and families. If that’s the case with those closest to you, invite other young families over for one colossal play date. For working parents in particular, it’s a great chance to share stories with others who are at the same stage as you.