Confetti Foundation Woodland Creatures Birthday Party


No matter how old you are or what event you’re celebrating, balloons are the perfect decoration for any party. No matter the size, shape or color, we just LOVE balloons! But where did this fascination come from? Why can’t we get enough of these inflated latex balls?

Apparently the balloon has a pretty long history. Starting with the Aztecs, the balloon has been used for centuries as a means of celebration. The latex balloon as we know it was created during the Great Depression. It was a huge hit back then and its popularity has only grown since then (we’re not surprised).

Balloons are no longer just plump, floating balls of helium. We have a variety of shapes and character balloons such as the ones donated to The Confetti Foundation for their monthly birthday celebrations. This month’s theme was Woodland Creatures and we had plenty of crafts and festive decorations to give The Confetti Foundation to help them celebrate March birthdays!

Other fun party supplies similar to balloons are our blow-up characters. With a few huffs and puffs, adorable animals like our inflatable owls come to life. They were perfect for adding some 3D decorations and served as great toys for the children to play with and take back to their rooms after the party was over.

The Confetti Foundation loves to bring crafts to the hospital in order to get the kids involved with some fun activities. The forest critters molded paint craft kits let the kids get super creative as they painted their woodland friends whichever way they wanted to. Snow White was able to stop by and help the kids design their own forest critters. She was so impressed with how well they all turned out.

Speaking of painting, The Confetti Foundation loves our window paints! The kids had so much fun decorating the giant window with beautiful colors. They went to town marking up the glass to make a fabulous mural (don’t worry, the paint is super easy to wash off).

The Confetti Foundation is so grateful to be able to celebrate so many children’s birthdays with the help of all of Shindigz wonderful donations. They believe that every child, especially those in the hospital, should be able to celebrate their special day the right way; with lots of happiness and love.