Confetti Foundation Star Wars Birthday Party

Shindigz celebrated August birthdays with the Confetti Foundation by throwing a Star Wars themed party! The room was all set with Star Wars Rebels’ danglers, Storm Trooper and BB8 tissue poms, character masks, and of course everyone’s favorite BALLOONS!

The giant R2D2 balloon was a favorite! All the children were excited to touch him and take pictures with him. He was the life of the party. As you can see, it looks like R2D2 enjoyed the party as well; he was always close up to the action.

Before entering the battle zone to take on some Jedi Training, the children had to prepare their gear! Everyone had the opportunity to design a helmet to his or her style. Some drew pictures, wrote their names or colored the entire helmet with their favorite color.

Once their helmets were complete it was battle time! The light sabers were a huge hit! Star Wars character Rey joined the party to offer Jedi Training. She shared that light saber duels often settled important conflicts in the galaxy. She taught everyone how to defend themselves and how to fight back!

Once their lesson with Rey was over, they were ready to take on one another! All the nurses and doctors stopped by for this part of the party as they heard it was a show not to be missed!

After all the excitement of the Jedi Training, it was time to slow things down with some Galaxy Slime. This slime was gooey, sticky, stretchy, slimy and more! It was fun to watch everyone’s faces, adults and children, when they first touched the slime!

Shindigz and the Confetti Foundation did it again; Star Wars was a huge success! It was a fun and entertaining theme for all ages and genders. Even if you were not a fan of Star Wars or did not know any of the galaxy lingo it was still a great party! The children had an opportunity to play and take some fun goodies back to their rooms to enjoy later!