Confetti Foundation Sports Party

Shindigz and the Confetti Foundation did it again! To celebrate November birthdays we chose a sports theme! It is a busy time of year for sports fans, keeping up with all the basketball and football games! Unfortunately these children and their families have ample time to sit and catch the game highlights. What they don’t have a chance to do anymore is get outside and PLAY! These children are missing more than school, their friends and their birthday parties, they are missing their favorite hobbies too! Shindigz was able to transform our party room into a sports arena! We even had a special guest, Slyde the Fox, the mascot from the New England Revolution Soccer Team join the party!

Another friend who joined the party loved Cheer! She and all her sisters are on a competitive cheer and dance team! When she saw the Spirit Pom Poms she knew just what to do! Slyde the Fox found her excitement contagious and was the first one to jump in and learn her cheer routine! Before we knew it the music was turned up and everyone was taking instructions and learning our new friends favorite routine!

As always the most difficult part of the party is finding out there are friends who would LOVE to come, but can’t leave their rooms. Never the less, we sent Slyde the Fox to bring party favors and balloons to those friends. One little boy was a little apprehensive about a giant fox entering his room. When Slyde offered the boy one of our favorite sports lollipops it was a done deal, a friendship began!

These parties not only help celebrate children who may have had a birthday this month, but also help bring normalcy back to their daily life. Many of these children are part of sports teams or enjoy meeting up with friends after school or on weekends to shoot some hoops. Their hospitalization takes these normal day to day activities and puts them on hold. We hope that this party was a chance for these special friends to feel like they were back on a team, back with their friends, back to being a carefree kid!

Photography Credit: Hilary B Photography