Confetti Foundation Safari Birthday

Monkey see, Monkey do!

start of the new month means another fabulous birthday party for the kids at the local children’s hospital. The Confetti Foundation went wild for the month of July and threw a Safari themed soirée for their friends! The party was a huge success and helped the kids imagine that they were adventuring the African Savanna instead of being treated at the hospital.

With a variety of animals including lions, tigers and… monkeys (oh my), entering the party room was like taking a trip the jungle where the kids explored and played with the wildest of characters. The balloon giraffe was a fan favorite since he could be walked around the room like a trained pet.

Other balloons like the zebra and monkey were perfect decorations for the birthday party and matched wonderfully with the monkey centerpiece. The kids went bananas for the animal lollipops since they looked almost too good to eat.

Going along with the safari theme, the kids who were able to make it to the party decorated animal masks that they wore all day. They even started to growl, roar and prance around as if they were actual animals.

They also got the chance to color cups! These to go cups offer a few separate coloring sheets so that the kids could pick which picture they wanted to use as the cup’s decoration and then later change it out for another theme if they wanted to.

While The Confetti Foundation loves throwing fun group parties, sometimes not every kid can make it. Fortunately the founder of the foundation was able to visit rooms and surprise the children with loads of goodies.

Favors like the binoculars, bouncy balls, ping-pong paddles and bendable characters were perfect items to stuff the party bags with! This helped bring the party to the kids who couldn’t leave their rooms but still wanted to celebrate.

The day full of all-good-fun monkey business and the party was certainly a celebration that the kids will always remember.