Confetti Foundation Purple Safari Birthday Party


Shindigz and the Confetti Foundation celebrated a special birthday theme, Purple Safari, at the children’s hospital this month! Each month the party is hosted in the same Purple Room, this room was created in honor of a little girl who unfortunately lost the battle with her illness. Her favorite things were zoo animals, giraffes in particular, and the color purple! At the request of the hospital, we were asked to host an amazing Purple Safari party for all the other inpatient children to enjoy!

To kick off the theme we filled the room with purple tissue poms, lanterns, garland, and balloons! We added animal balloons and cut-outs to make it feel like we were actually on a safari. The lion photo stand-in was the center of attention! He was great to take photos in and to play ball toss. The children loved testing their skills to see how many balls they could get through the lion’s mouth!

The party craft allowed the children to really be one with the jungle. They took on the personality of an animal by creating their own creature mask! It was fun to bring all the pieces together, the face, eyes, mouth, nose, stripes and more. Once completed they could not wait to show them off! One special friend even made masks for her nurses!

We also had festive animal print eye masks and foam face masks. If the kids weren’t interested in making their own, they could simply choose to wear one of the safari ones. The real wild animal started to come out! Doctors and nurses could hear roars all the way down the hall!

Every party needs party favors! From safari hats and binoculars to walking balloon giraffes, everyone got to take some great new toys back to their rooms. The inflatable zebra was a favorite for everyone, whether it will be used as a room decoration, a cuddle buddy or a riding toy, all the zebras were adopted and went to kind, loving owners!

Overall it was a great day and a spectacular party! The children were able to venture out of their rooms and join Shindigz and the Confetti Foundation for a purple safari adventure!

Photo Credits Jenne Cooke Photography