Confetti Foundation Peter Pan Birthday Party


Shindigz and the Confetti Foundation celebrated October’s Birthdays with Peter Pan, Tinker Bell, and some Pirates!

Upon Tinker Bell and Peter Pan’s arrival they quickly found out that some of the party guests might favor the pirates! Peter was worried about having to fight the pirates off, but we assured him everyone attending was only there to have fun! Never the less Peter and even Tink were on the look out from the beginning!

Peter was excited to practice his sword fighting skills with some boys who never wanted to grow up! While Peter always travels with his own sword he LOVED the inflatable swords at the party! He was challenging everyone he could find; pulling his best moves!

Peter may think he is the best fighter in Never Land, but his abilities were put to the test. He lost every single fight, one guest even knocked Peter’s hat clear off his head! The children loved taunting Peter by wearing the plastic pirate hooks! They looked so real and were great for disarming Peter!

When Peter finally agreed to calm down we convinced him to do crafts with the children! He was the most amused with the sand art! In his experience, he had only ever seen sand on a beach, not in a container and certainly not colored! Tinker Bell explained it was more like magical pixie dust! The children loved being able to design their own version of pixie dust in a bottle. It was also a great craft for the children who could not join us. Peter and Tink delivered the materials to each patient’s bedside where they could have their own magical experience.

At the end of the party, Tink and Peter said their goodbyes and departed for Never Land. The children and their families were sad to see them go but excited that they had their own gear to practice their fighting moves and some fairy dust of their own to remember their time with Peter Pan and Tink.