Confetti Foundation Ninja Turtle Birthday Party


Shindigz was gracious enough to help out the Confetti Foundation throw its monthly birthday party at the local children’s hospital and this month, the birthday bash was Ninja Turtle themed! With an overflow of kindly donated decorations, crafts and party favors, the birthday celebration was an absolute success and certainly a day that the kids will always remember. Smiles spread wide as children were able to forget about why they were in the hospital and simply enjoy being a crime fighting turtle for the day.

The kids were blown away by the life size cardboard cutouts of their beloved Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, which towered over everyone else in the room. Even the real life Michelangelo was happy to see that the rest of his buddies, Raphael, Donatello and Leonardo, could join him at the party.

The masks were the perfect prop that allowed the children to resemble their favorite Ninja Turtle. With blow up swords and Ninja Turtle rings, our friends at the hospital not only got to celebrate for the few hours that the Confetti Foundation was there, but they were also able to bring the fun back to their hospital rooms!

The cupcake-paint kits were a huge hit with everyone! The kids got a nice break from their crime fighting duties and put their creativity to work instead. With a variety of colors, everyone’s cupcake almost looked good enough to eat. And since everything is pre-packaged, these kits were perfect to send to individual rooms for the children who couldn’t make it to the party.

Even though the Ninja Turtles favorite food is pizza, the party had the next best thing; CUPCAKES! Real ones that you can actually eat!! Each cupcake was perfectly placed on the Ninja Turtle cupcake stand and was decorated with one of the Ninja Turtle rings. The cupcake stand was perfect for the kids reach their little hands in and pick out whichever cupcake they wanted. Michelangelo was even spotted eyeing the cupcake stand.

The kids had a blast and their parents were given a nice break from all of the seriousness that comes with having their child in the hospital. The Confetti Foundation’s mission is to bring smiles to those kids who have to spend their special day away from their home, their family and their friends. Whether they’re in the hospital for a broken elbow or for a more serious illness, everyone should be able to celebrate their birthday the right way. However, none of this would have been possible without the support and kind donations from companies like Shindigz.

Photography – Jennifer Manville

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