Confetti Foundation Monsters Party

By Confetti Foundation | March 8, 2017

Shindigz and the Confetti Foundation celebrated January birthdays with a Monster Party! Don’t worry these were friendly, happy monsters! The room was all set with monster cut outs, monster balloons and monster inflatables!

Our first friend came dressed for the party! The monster on his shirt almost exactly matched our green cut out friend; even the horns were the same pattern of colors!

The excitement kept going when our friend found the inflatable monsters! While the red one was his favorite, the blue one was a close runner up. When you hugged the blue monster, he made a squeaky noise! Our friend could not stop laughing at the funny noise the monster made! The inflatables were a great addition to the party as they made for fun decorations and the children were able to bring them back to their rooms!

We had lots of other fun toys for the kids to enjoy, from rubber aliens, to stuffed monsters, even squishy light up balls! The squishy balls were cool to look at and feel! When you hit them hard enough they would light up with flashing colorfol lights! Another perfect goodie for the children to bring back to their room!

A different fun aspect of the party was face painting! The children were given the opperuntiy to become monsters themselves. Our younger party antendees chose your basic monster looks, while our teens got a little more createive. We had a vanpire and a skelotone, they were close to the monster family! When our skeloton put on a party hat to look like a horn, she nearly matched one of the inflatbales! It was a great opertunity for eveyone to laugh and be silly!

As always, no matter what toys or inflatbales we bring, the all time favorite party favors are the balloons! They add so much to the room during the party and bring so much bright cheeriness to each child’s indivdual room. No matter the age, teenager or toddler, balloons will always be everyones favorite take away!

But cupcakes are a close second runner up!

Overall it was another successful party for all our friends! The best part of this party was on our way out of the hospital we saw one of our friends all bundled up with their bags. When we asked where they were headed they excitedly annonced they were headed home! It is one thing to see these chidlren’s faces light up when playing and laughing, it is another to see their faces when they are discharged from the hospital!