Confetti Foundation Luau Birthday Party


Shindigz has done it again! In the month of December Shindigz had the opportunity to team up with the Confetti Foundation and throw an awesome Luau style party for hospitalized children. While it may have been cold outside the Luau party made everyone feel like they were celebrating birthdays in the warm sunny islands! All inpatient children, their families, nurses and doctors were invited to celebrate December birthdays under the sun!

Families entered to meet Princess Ariel as she was happily dancing to her favorite songs among the palm tree and luau girl cut outs. Ariel and the Luau girl even had matching floral headpieces!

Similar to when you arrive on an island, each child was given a lei and grass skirt! They were great for pictures and made dancing even more fun. We wanted to transform this hospital common space into a magical island. Even though the party only lasted a few hours, we wanted the families to feel like they were on vacation.

While we couldn’t fill the hospital with sand and make real sand castles, we thought decorating shovels & pails would be great fun. Each child received a variety of ocean creature stickers and pompoms to decorate their pales. They also had the choice to decorate their own stuffed shark! These kits were great as they could be delivered to the children who were too sick to join the party.

Once the crafts were completed, the buckets were filled with party favor toys to bring back to their room. Out of all the sunglasses, beach balls, and mini stuffed sharks by far the favorite toy was the shark grabbers!

Kids were chasing after their parents, friends, nurses even doctors grabbing their badges, shoe laces and hair! The kids thought they were so sneaky and the adults were all happy to see them laughing and playing.

After some more dancing and playing beach ball catch with a mermaid, it was time for the party to end. While the children were sad to see such a great day end, they were thrilled to find out they could take a balloon with them! The fun sea and island creatures had been floating above them throughout the party watching them laugh and play. The floating friends left in the hands of deserving children and hopefully served as a reminder of the great day they had!

While Shindigz supplied all the amazing decorations, party favors and crafts, it is the children’s spirits that bring the sharks, hula skirts, octopus and more to life! Shindigz is helping the Confetti Foundation further their mission of bringing smiles to hospitalized children at amazing birthday celebrations!