Confetti Foundation Garden Birthday Party


In celebration of the nicer weather gradually making its way to the New England area, The Confetti Foundation held a garden themed party at their local hospital for their May birthday bash. It was a perfect way to bring some sunshine to the children who might be feeling a little under the weather.

The bright balloons and little critter decorations helped transform the room into a perfect spring day. You could almost smell the fresh cut grass! Alice even took a trip from Wonderland to stop by and play in the garden for a few hours.

I scream. You scream. We all scream for ICE CREAM! The blow up ice cream cones come in many colors and the pink soft serve looked so good (almost good enough to eat)! They definitely don’t taste like ice cream but they certainly make for a fun and festive decoration.

The ideal spring day wouldn’t be complete without some REAL snacks to munch on. The cupcake stand was a great display for the butterfly cupcakes and the buckets were awesome to stash with other tasty treats.

The Confetti Foundation used the flowerpot placement cardholders to make DIY flowers. This was a perfect craft so that the kids could bring some green back to their rooms since they can’t have real flowers.

Another craft that the kids loved was the coloring cups. The best thing about these cups is that they each come with a variety of coloring sheets to use as the cup’s main design. The outside shows a happy horse farm, but inside the cup there area also race car and safari sheets. The kids colored them all so that they can switch the designs later on.

The best thing about the approaching warmer weather is the fun activities that come along with the sunshine. There are a bunch of outdoor activities to participate in but there’s nothing better than CORN HOLE? Shindigz offers personalized corn holes and The Confetti Foundation’s logo made for the perfect backdrop for this go-to backyard game.

Talking about fun games, the colorful bug balls were awesome for playing catch. Alice and her friend were so good at tossing and catching the little critters into the butterfly nets. These two were super creative and showed that there are so many ways to use all the bright party supplies

After playing catch, our friend got even more creative. He took one of the spider rings and proposed to Alice in front of all his friends. SHE SAID YES!

Nothing brings more happiness than some sunshine, a nice warm day and a birthday party. Sometimes the weather isn’t as bright as we’d like it to be but there’s nothing wrong with making your own sunshine. The Confetti Foundation loves making sunshine for their friends at the hospitals. They know that happiness really does heal and that celebrating these kids’ birthdays is the best way for them to spread as much happiness as they can!