Confetti Foundation Frozen Birthday Party


Opening up the gates to another birthday party!

Look who took a trip from Arendelle! Anna was able to stop by the local children’s hospital to help The Confetti Foundation celebrate May birthdays. The day was filled with many warm hugs, lots of twirling and a ton of fun. It was a perfect way for the kids to take a break and get a chance to forget that they’re in the hospital.

Shindigz was super excited to donate a bunch of Frozen themed party supplies to help make this party extra special. With floating balloons featuring Elsa, Anna and the oh so loveable Olaf, as well as tiara rings to put on top of cupcakes and a glittery castle decoration, the May party was a fabulous Frozen fiesta!

There were a bunch of goodies featuring our beloved Disney characters, including the Elsa and Anna necklaces. Our pals at the hospital used them as friendship necklaces, which was a perfect way to help spread happiness to everyone at the party.

Crafts are a great way to keep your guests entertained throughout any event. And what better craft for a birthday party than painting birthday cupcakes? This is a great way to get creative and decorate the most perfect treat! Even though these cupcakes aren’t for eating, they were perfect for the kids to take with them and to help add some bright colors to their hospital rooms.

Designing paper crowns with colorful stickers was another a fun activity for the kids. After they were finished creating their ideal crown they were able to wear them all day because who doesn’t love feeling like royalty?

Even the princes loved the crowns! And to add some more fun pieces to their royal attire, they were able to color their own shields.

And for the super brave and daring princes, they dressed up as knights and helped save Anna from the fire-breathing (blow-up) dragon.

Since there were no ice powers at this party, the children decided to play with their BUBBLE powers. The tiny princess bubble bottles were a fan favorite. The kids couldn’t get enough of watching the bubbles get blown right before their eyes. They made a game out of it and tried to pop as many as they could at once.

This party was such a huge success that The Confetti Foundation couldn’t help but do a little celebratory dance in front of the "Party" archway! Bringing smiles to these kids faces is what the organization strives to do and Shindigz is honored and proud to help support The Confetti Foundation mission.


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