Butterfly Wishes Birthday Party by Julie Verville


When designing this sweet garden butterfly theme, we stumbled upon this white tulle table skirt and immediately fell in love with the idea of creating a soft, whimsical look for the party! We hope you love it!

Our DIY backdrop started with 3 preserved moss mats, which are shipped in rolls; 3 side by side create approximately 4’ of backdrop. We aligned them onto a ¼" thick piece of plywood and attached using a staple gun.

For a feminine touch, we assembled 5 DIY paper flowers using kits and then attached in a pattern on one side of our board, also using a staple gun for the rear petals to adhere. We selected 2 dahlia flowers, 2 apple blossoms and 1 peony kits for a more varied appearance. And, then to add in the party’s theme, we modified a purple tissue paper butterfly design and added to the opposite side of our board.

The table’s front was decorated using this large "Happy Birthday" round pendant banner strung using lavender glitter ribbon and these super cute butterfly standees.

The centerpiece of our table was this subtle purple and white ombre buttercream cake, topped with a delicate white glitter butterfly. To either side of the cake, we added buttercream cupcakes dressed up with "Happy Birthday" personalized wrappers and topped with delicate gold butterflies.

We offered pink lemonade in these sweet paper cups along with the guest’s choice of a cupcake or slice of cake served on these sweet dessert plates. Pink forks were dressed up by wrapping them with light lavender beverage napkins and securing with personalized 2" round stickers.

For fun, we created these DIY butterfly lollipops. We traced and cut butterfly shapes onto textured white paper, added colorful twist lollipops to the cut-outs using glue dots and then displayed the final product in moss covered floral filler. We love including multiple sweets options on every party’s dessert table, and whenever possible, something a little unexpected yet replicable.

This butterfly garden party is sweet, whimsical and perfect for little girls of all ages!!