Creative Bridesmaid Proposal Ideas | Personalized Tips

You said yes to your man, now get all your girls on board too!

Your friends have been with you through every phase of your relationship with your soon-to-be hubby, why not show them your appreciation with a heartfelt invitation to be in your wedding? With these sweet, personalized gifts, your friends are sure to feel honored to be part of your big party! And with our free personalization, we’ll take care of doing all the arts and crafts for this DIY project, all you need to do is shop!

Here’s an idea of what you can accomplish with some personalized Shindigz products and some creativity!

Bridesmaids & Maid of Honor Gifts:

For the first gift that we included a bottle of our friend Maddy’s favorite wine, which we personalized with a Wine Bottle Label. We included the wine bottle label as a way to send a personalized message, and ask Maddy to be our Maid of Honor!

The rest of the gifts we included continue to fit the gold color theme we wanted to have. One of the gifts was a set of Gold Glitter Coasters that go hand-in-hand with the wine. We also included a Personalized Compact that can be used on the special day and any other day of course. Lastly, we included was a Personalized Notebook with a cute quote and the wedding date on it, for her to keep track of all the Maid of Honor duties she may have!

A Shared Gift:

We wanted to give a gift that both our Maid of Honor and Bridesmaids could appreciate, so we included a gift that was personalized with the big day in mind. The gift we thought would be the best to include in both are Maid of Honor Basket and the bridesmaid baskets is a Mini Mason Jar with a screw on lid that can be re-used for a number of things. We wanted this gift to continue to remind them with every use of the special day that we asked them to be a part of.

As a bonus, you can totally give the whole wedding party (guys and girls) these fun mason jars, which would make for great photo ops on the big day!

Picking a Basket:

The last step for creating this amazing gift is to choose the perfect basket for all the goodies to fit in. The best way to pick your basket is to find ones that fit the theme of the rest of your gifts. Since we chose a gold theme for our Maid of Honor gifts, our basket of course matches! To follow the theme we used Gold Metallic Gossamer as a fun basket filling.

Remember: You can add different personalized products to each of your bridesmaid baskets to cater it specifically to what they like the best!!