Bridal Shower Tips for a Fun & Relaxing Party

These days, brides-to-be are honored with anything from a barbecue to a garden party. Here are bridal shower tips for making the event a success no matter the theme of the party.

Think About What She Wants

A professional might feel uncomfortable with a traditional shower and the endless "oohs" and "ahhs" of gift-opening. Other women, however, might consider such an event sweet. Ask the bride-to-be what she would enjoy.

Get Cooking With A Theme

Build the bride’s culinary repertoire with a cooking shower where guests contribute favorite recipes. Asking guests to identify unusual items – a citrus reamer or spice grater – is a fun game. Send a personalized invitation designed like a recipe.

A Different Garden Party

For enthusiastic gardeners, a "porch or patio" theme could lead to fantastic ideas for the couple’s new home. Ask guests to come armed with landscaping ideas and a plant or tools needed to execute the plans. A custom lollipop in a terra cotta pot is a great favor for this theme.

Stock the Bar

A cocktail party makes a fun bridal shower, too, particularly if the couple already has everything except a well-stocked bar. A wine or beer tasting works, too – ask guests to bring a favorite vintage so friends can explore new varieties. Gift the bride a wine bottle decorated with a Personalized Wine Label just for the happy couple.

Honeymoon Ahead of Time

Plan the shower around the honeymoon location. The menu is obvious if the destination is Mexico or Hawaii. But even a camping honeymoon offers possibilities –s’mores around a fire pit covers is a great dessert. Try them with peanut butter cups for a tasty variation.

Celebrate the Bride and Groom at a Couples’ Shower

Sometimes the friendships are so tight it doesn’t make sense to separate the genders for the shower. A barbecue party is an easy motif for a summer couple’s shower, while a tailgating party works fantastically in the fall.

Consider Different Locations

No time to clean the house and but no budget to rent a hall? Reserve a few tables at a restaurant and throw a luncheon or tea. If you’re planning a couple’s shower, a local park is a great locale for a cookout.

The Comforts of Home

If the shower is at your house, make sure you have enough seating and tableware. Party packs of solid-color tableware save money and take care of a lot of ordering at once.

Mind Your Manners

Anyone who is invited must also be invited to the wedding, so coordinate your list with the bride. Also coordinate your guest list with other shower hostesses if more than one is planned.


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