Tea Party Ideas

Tea parties are great themes for birthdays and bridal showers because they offer so much versatility. Do a chic, funky version, a princess-themed tea party for small kids, or an English style high tea if you want to get really fancy. With pink as your main color, your tea party is sure to be a hit.

Classy Decorations

The first thing your guests will see upon entering your home or venue are the decorations, so you want them to stand out and fill the party with just the right ambience. When going pink, it’s easy to overdo hot pink and glittery items. So keep most of your decor muted and use a few hot pink items as accents rather than going over the top. If you keep to one or two main pink items as decorations, you’ll keep your decor looking classy and not gaudy.

A pom pom garland will look very cute strung across the tops of windows or your ceiling. In lieu of a chandelier, try a floral topiary decorated with soft pink roses. This will look especially pretty if you go with a garden theme. If you want to spruce up your tables a bit, consider some pink gossamer flourishes.

Teacups Filled with Cupcakes

A tea party isn’t complete without finger food, and no party is complete without cake. Use these adorable teacup-shaped cupcake holders to create an adorable, elegant snack your guests will love. Get creative with your cupcakes by dying the frosting pink. Or, make white cake and use food coloring to create pink batter as well. For some extra birthday flare, stick a pink striped candle into each cupcake to make the occasion especially festive. If you want to make your cupcakes the center focus of your table, use a pink cupcake stand to prettily arrange them.

Ceramic Tea Set Centerpiece

A cute little ceramic tea set is great for a tea party bridal shower or birthday party because you can use it in different ways. Coupled with some silk rose petals and classy table and chair decorations, this tea set will make an adorable centerpiece for your tea party bridal shower. If you’re planning a birthday party, the kids will love drinking out of the tiny cups. Fill the teapot with water or sprite so if any spills occur, nothing gets stained.

Adorable Gift Bags for Each Guest

Nothing is better than leaving a great party with a little reminder of the fun time you had. Give your guests a wonderful final impression by handing out party favors that wrap up the day’s theme. Put small gifts inside these favor boxes. Go to your local candy shop and have fun picking out chocolate and pink buttermints. Throw a couple packets of your favorite tea inside. Finally, complete the set with lip gloss in the shape of cupcakes, sure to please any birthday party attendee, and make the guests of your bridal shower feel sunny and youthful.

While you’ll go in different decor directions depending on whether you’re planning a birthday party or a bridal shower, most of these ideas will work for either. As long as you remember not to overwhelm guests with too much of the same hot pink color, your party is going to be fabulous.