Blast Off Space Birthday Party by Julie Verville


Living in the "Space City" means lots of astronaut references, Space Center Houston where you can visit and explore rockets, moon rocks and experience space and where little boys and girls dream of becoming astronauts! This blast off party was just the ticket for a space enthusiast!

What better backdrop for a space themed birthday party than a giant moon standee!?! For added contrast and to extend our table’s backdrop beyond the 6’ table, we covered a photo booth backdrop in seamless, gray paper. One of the best things about this DIY backdrop is that you can cover it in virtually any paper, fringe or textured item for an instant part backdrop. And then once the party is over, you can carefully dismantle and use again! For dimension, we inflated 4 silver, star mylar balloons that we added to either side of our moon/space backdrop.

For a bit of color, we utilized this navy blue tablecloth which we pulled forward for a floor-length appearance. A little moonlight sparkle was created by layering a floral sheeting table runner across the center of our tablecloth.

Our table’s centerpiece was this airbrushed space theme cake sitting atop a black milk glass pedestal. For dessert variety, and to introduce rocket ships, we displayed sugar cookies decorated in our party’s colors on a simple silver tray.

For a whimsical touch, we also displayed orange rock candies, aka "Meteorites" and old-school astronaut ice cream.

Desserts & snacks were served on blast off dinner plates with silver paper napkins.

During the party, guests took turns posing in front of the "Happy Birthday" rocket ship standee wearing their very own astronaut helmets.

Each guest took home their own DIY rocket ship favors with personalized tags reading, "Thanks for blasting by!" These DIY rocket ships were created using clear candy tubes, purple gumballs, cardstock cut into shapes for the rocket head and stands at the base, and personalized stickers tied with black and white twine.

Thank you for blasting by our space theme birthday party!!