Baby Shower Games for Kids

Unless the guest of honor is the first among her friends to become a mom, chances are there will be children at most baby showers. That’s why a smart hostess plans to entertain them rather than spending a stress-filled afternoon shooing toddlers away from the gifts.

And though showers traditionally were thrown only for first babies, today they’re increasingly held for siblings. This is common in blended families, which means there’s even more reason to get other children involved.

If you’re throwing a baby shower that’s going to be a family affair, plan kid friendly baby shower games to make sure everyone keeps busy and happy. Here are a few ideas.

Eliminate Worry from the Start

For parents, a baby shower invitation can trigger at least momentary concern. Can kids attend? Will there be something to keep them occupied? Make it clear from the start by creating a custom invitation with a "kids are welcome" message. You’ll get a few more RSVPs from parents who don’t have to fret about child care.

Greet Guests with Favors

Hand out a goody bag as guests arrive to keep kids busy and to ensure that everyone has what they need when it’s time for games.

If you’re going to play the "baby supply game," include a personalized notepad and crayons or pencils in the favor bag so the kids can write or draw their answers. The paper will come in handy for other activities such as asking guests to estimate the baby’s birth weight and suggest names. "Draw the baby" is another good game for all ages.

Fun with Baby Food

There are several ways to work food into baby shower games for kids or adults. One is to cover jar labels and ask guests to sample the contents and guess the food. The smelly diaper game is a variation that involves filling a diaper with an aromatic food guessing the contents.

Tag Team Baby Shower Classics

The sloppy diaper contest, which involves changing a baby doll while blind-folded, is always fun. Turn it into a relay by having one team member diaper and the other jet the baby to a crib at the finish line. Have the teams change the doll’s clothes, too, to make the merriment last longer.

If the weather is nice and kiddie pools are available, work a literal "baby shower" – or at least a baby bath – into the games. Most kids arrive at a baby shower expecting a child to be cleaned anyway.