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5 Ways To Create Prom At Home

Health concerns have caused many milestone events to be cancelled for the Seniors of 2020. Prom being one of the most memorable events. As a parent, it is hard to see your kids disappointed. The schools may have cancelled these events but that doesn’t mean you can’t create a prom of your own! Whether it’s just immediate family or a few friends, you can create a Prom At Home that will make memories that last a lifetime. Here are 5 Steps to Create a Magical Prom at Home!

1. PROMPOSAL: Will They Say Yes?

First, you ask your child to Prom 2020. Hopefully they say yes! You can go with the traditional route with a cute saying on a yard sign or just cut to the chase with a prom banner. You can take it one step further by spelling out PROM with photo letters that include all your child’s favorite memories from the school year. Looking to make a statement? Fill an entire room with balloons and spell it out! PROM?

2. PROM COURT: Crown the King & Queen!

The best thing about a personalized prom at home? Everyone is royalty! Make sure to crown your child and the other attendees with prom royalty crowns and tiaras in a coronation ceremony. They can wear prom court sashes all night long and feel like kings and queens.

3. PHOTO BOOTH: Pose, Smile, Pose!

You are going to want to capture all these unique memories, so set up a photo booth with the perfect prom backdrop. We have plenty of fabric to make a simple background, but why not go all out! Choose from the many backgrounds Shindgiz has to offer such as metallic curtains, themed background photos, or a customized step and repeat. Add some large party props to complete the look. Have fun when taking photos and add accessories like a large photo frame or photo booth props.

4. DINNER: Make it Fancy

What is prom without the wonderful, fancy dinner? Get some lobster, crab, or a perfectly cut sirloin for a memorable prom dinner. We’ve got the prom tableware covered. Turn the kitchen into an elegant venue. Start with transforming the kitchen chairs with chair covers and ties. Decorate the table with prom centerpieces that match their school colors or fit any of the many prom themes that Shindigz offers. We have the necessary plates, napkins, drinkware and cutlery that will be needed, but how about adding some fun? Sprinkle some confetti on the table or jazz it up with a custom table top-it or add a custom photo centerpiece.

5. Don’t Forget to DANCE

Finally, it’s time to party! Dance the night away in your living room. Disguise the walls and ceilings with gossamer fabric then set the mood by adding some hanging decorations and party lighting. Hand out prom wearables like beads and funky sunglasses while playing your favorite party hits. Who said you can’t have fun while self-quarantining? Your child may not have had a traditional junior or senior prom, but you will be able to throw them an unforgettable prom experience. For an even better experience, invite some of their friends "virtually" so they can join for dinner and dancing as well! Shindigz offers a variety of party supplies that can be used in any circumstance. So, make the best of a bad situation and tell your child to go get that dress or suit that they already purchased, get dolled up, and prepare them for a one-of-a-kind prom.