Art Themed Birthday Party

BY Julie Verville | MAY 11, 2016

What child doesn’t love art? For this sweet 5th birthday party, we threw an art party in a local artist’s studio space for guests to create their own one-of-a-kind masterpieces during a session led by the artist himself.

Upon entering the art studio, guests were greeted by an oversized art easel standee and Happy 5th Birthday message; such a fun way to kick off an art theme birthday party.

Colorful polka dot placemats were set at each guest’s chair along with a 6×9 blank white canvas and primary color art aprons to protect their clothing during the painting craft. Doubling as centerpieces and art medium were rainbow colored bottles of Tempura paint. And, chair accents were added using segments of a colorful dot paper garland.

For our food and dessert display, we set up using one of the artist’s creative wooden tables bringing an authentic, rustic look to our display. Our table backdrop was a Happy Birthday art palette standee. Standees act as amazing, affordable table backdrop options bringing personalization, a pop of color and scale to a birthday table!

The birthday cake was decorated using rainbow colored gumballs around the base and a DIY topper using a purple paint brush and a "5" for the birthday girl. Primary colored cake balls accented with paint brushes were displayed on white art palettes. Brightly colored art canvas cookies were proudly displayed using mini art easels. Sweet treats were served on simple white plates with fun art napkins. White forks were displayed in a galvanized tin decorated with rainbow crayons.

"Color Wheels" aka rainbow lollipops were displayed for added whimsy in a white enamel pail with personalized colorful crayons sticker label. For beverage, we kept things simple….water bottles for all of the guests were provided and decorated using personalized "Creative Juices" labels.

Each guest took home a mini art kit packaged in white tin pails; mini art canvases, and paint sets to encourage the creation of another masterpiece were paired with crayon erasers and a sweet treat, rainbow gumballs packaged in clear gumball tubes.

This birthday party was certainly a masterpiece enjoyed by all!

Vendor Credits:

Cookies: Frost Bake Shoppe