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Hello Shindigz Party Planners! It’s Erin Dove again from The Blue Eyed Dove back with another party post. If I could do one thing over again while in college I would have been in a sorority. From the themed parties, to the formal dances, having Sunday brunches, living in a huge house, staying active on campus, and did I mention the themed parties!? Yes, all things right up my alley!

Even though I wasn’t in a sorority my sister was so I guess you can say I lived vicariously through her. She was also very involved in her sorority’s recruitment process each year which exposed me to all of the details and planning that goes behind the recruitment parties. Shindigz has a great line of personalized-Greek products perfect for any recruitment or sorority event, and today I am sharing a few of my favorites with you!

Greek letters mean everything when you are in a sorority or fraternity. And these greek letter standees are a must-have for any event! You can also customize everything about the standees from the background, to the color of the letters. Love this!

Once you have chosen your color scheme for the event an easy way to add additional color is with balloons and flowers. I chose to use light pink, bright pink and blue balloons for this party.

I picked a light pink polyester table cloth and purchased some blue fabric with metallic silver accents from a local fabric store to create table runners.

For the table settings I used plastic premium dinner plates as chargers, navy paper plates, topped with personalized-greek beverage napkins for additional color, and plastic silver cutlery.

Lastly, I used plastic personalized-greek cups and /Alpha-Xi-Delta-Straws/p/STRAXD">straws for the beverages.

I can’t get over how cute these personalized-greek items are!

They will definitely make any greek recruitment party or event fabulous! And quite possibly convince any college student to "go greek"! I know I’d be a sucker for it.

To see the full personalized-greek line from Shindigz click here.

Happy Party Planning!


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