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DIY Christmas Napkin Ideas

For a festive and creative holiday dinner, surprise each guest with a uniquely folded napkin. We love these four napkin folds – they’re simple yet make a cheerful impact to any table setting. Try them all to take your Christmas table up a notch!

A glitter-dusted red rose napkin is a chic and elegant touch for Christmas. Add a few faux leaves to the rose for a touch of greenery. This rose fold is quick and easy – we followed these instructions.

DIY Napkin Bow Tie

Kids will love Santa’s bow tie on their plate. Update Santa’s wardrobe with napkins in different colors and styles. Finally, cinch the napkin with festive ribbon! Here’s how to make it.

Holidays aren’t the same without a Christmas tree, making this napkin fold the perfect addition to your dinner table! This impressive-looking Christmas tree napkin is actually quite simple and makes a cheerful statement. We added a glittery tree stump and a star at the top of the tree. Start folding here.

Letters to Santa are a childhood staple during the Christmas season. Give each plate a touch of nostalgia with this simple napkin fold. We love using white for this fold for a sleek realistic look. Slip a small note inside, and cut a small design to seal the letter for added Christmas spirit! Give this napkin a try.