80’s Memphis Inspired Birthday Party by Brittany Schwaigert


I am a child of the 80s. Ok, technically the 70s, but I grew up in the 1980s, so that decade will always hold a special place in my heart. I love all things 80s; the music, the fashion, and especially the loud designs and colors! One of my favorite design elements from the 80s was the Memphis design movement. Some great examples of the Memphis design movement were The Max in Saved By the Bell, Pewee’s Playhouse, and Miami Vice. It’s all geometrics and loud colors.

So, when I saw these amazing Retro 80s Panels, I fell in love instantly. I knew that they would make an awesome party backdrop for any 80s lover! Because they are BIG! Each one is 7ft tall! Using them as my inspiration point, I pulled one of my favorite tricks out of my bag! Instead of using a typical tablecloth, I used this Black and White Checkered Corrugated Paper as a wrap around my party table. It’s SO easy All you do is use some heavy duty tape like duct tape to tape it right onto the table. On the front of the table, I added this Glow Party Ribbon Banner on the front. I love how it really pops off the black and white!

I had so much fun with the coordinating personalized party goods! I chose personalized Bottle Wrappers and added them to fun pink sodas. I love that I can add my own fun 80s saying to them like "totally tubular!" For our favors, I picked these fun Lemonade Mix Packets! I love sending my guests home with something they can really use later! I personalized the label with a fun classic 80s expression: "Gag me with a spoon!"

I knew I wanted the cake to have a real WOW factor! To bring in the checkered pattern, I started with a simple white fondant layer and added black checkers with fondant squares. On the top layer, I ordered this "punk rock" flavor mix of Candyfetti from Sweets Indeed. I covered the entire top of the cake with it and it turned out SO awesome! For a simple cake topper, I used these Neon Pink Slat Glasses.

80's Memphis Inspired Birthday Party Candy

In front of the cake, Sweets Indeed customized these fun sweets skewers for me with my party colors and added Candyfetti to the front. I displayed them on metallic straws in a simple hat box covered with checkered cardstock. I love these Light Boxes that Shindigz is carrying now! The possibilities are endless! Mine, of course, said, "I Love the 80s!"

On either side of the cake, I added height by using the Cave Crusade Cube set. To make them coordinate with my theme, I applied a few pieces of cardstock to some of the sides.

My favorite part of this party is these awesome Acrylic Risers! They come in sets of three and they are SO useful! I can’t wait to use them over and over again! For this party, I used them to display our personalized sodas, these super fun Kanzees favors, and yummy Oreo and milk shots! I love these Neon Shot Glasses! They were the perfect way to give the guests something sweet! The Neon Plates also match them! They are SO 80s! Speaking of something sweet, I had to throw in my favorite 1980s treat—Cosmic Brownies! YUM! They have the perfect neon colored chips on top!

Instead of using confetti balloons in the traditional way, I used these fun Neon Confetti Balloons on TOP of my party display! I let them rest right on top of the ceiling and they looked so fun!

This party was totally to the MAX!